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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 March – May 2021  FISHING REPORTS


3-1-2021 FISHING REPORT – continuing to work on our Wy trips…. NC Delayed Harvest stocking began 3/1 and continues for the next 2 weeks, they are open for fishing, this applies to DH not to Hatchery Supported.

Hatchery Supported Waters closed Feb 28 and will reopen Sat Apr 3, 2021 ; they are always closed during March so that the state can stock all Hatchery supported waters.  This applies to Hatchery Supported not to DH.

3-2-2021 FISHING REPORT -continuing to fill some fly boxes.  Also, effective 3-2-2021 our Covid policies are over with.  People can make their own decisions as to whether to wear a mask, etc., at the advice of several clients who are private physicians including one that is Duke University /Johns Hopkins University trained, people I have known for over 20yrs and who are trustworthy.  After that and careful consideration —not of news channels or mainstream media which in this day and time is filled with lies – – – we have relied on careful examination of the data from NCDHHS.  Therefore, its guiding and fishing full steam ahead.  Whatever precautions clients want and feel the need to take, so be it.  But we are going to live life.  Fish. Guide. As Usual.   Living life involves risk.  Everyday.  So no fear, we don’t live in fear.  I feel confident that people can make their own decisions.  That’s what both our NC Constitution and US Constitution proclaims and I support that 1000%.  Live in freedom, make your own decisions.  I believe people are smart enough to decide for themselves.  That is both right and appropriate.  In the spirit of what I am saying, here is a video from someone I greatly respect…..Pastor /Dr. Neil Stewart from Christ Covenant Church, Greensboro, NC.  You might be interested that Neil Stewart is also a trained medical doctor, or was previous to his full time pastorate…..and one reason I specifically chose this video because he is both a medically trained person and a pastor…..and a brilliant intellectual.

3-3-2021 FISHING REPORT – Finishing up filling fly boxes as well as a mountain of fly orders.  Delayed Harvest and Hatchery Supported Waters stockings continue all week long.  For original post see my post on 3-1-2021.

3-4-2021 FISHING REPORT – Continuing on our Wyoming trips, have a full slate for all of August, going to be a busy summer

3-5-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike McKee Group, Chapel Hill, NC, NC Mtns, Mike McKee, David Link, Jim Beeson, Mike Woods, we met bright and early with great weather (chilly and sunny) and it being a Friday and no rain and both water being in perfect shape and fishing been good we knew we’d have other anglers to fish around.  So we got an early start and the water is now perfect,slightly high and green, best nymphing conditions you will find all year….right now that’s it.  Fishing was a little slow to start but didn’t take long to put a few in the net….a mix of browns , rainbows, and brookies…Mike Woods got out to an early lead, double digits over everybody….we fished a long stretch of water then changed locations to another place and had great fishing rest of the day.  Mike McKee landed two very nice rainbows, one of them 20″ and the other 19″…plus several others.  Jim, David, and Mike W all caught a good many more, and David Link ended the day with a brown of about 19″.  Probably 5 dozen fish or so….so it was a good day….we had sunny skies but the temps were chilly and it was in the 30s all day….with wind too.  But great fishing…..but then again, that’s March.  March is good fishing……always is..the fish have the feedbags on.  Here are some pics……

3-6-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Pat, Adam Caccavella, Jefferson, NC, NC Mtns, met the guys bright and early as a sunny Saturday I knew would mean we would see other anglers.  But I have to say there were fewer folks than I expected.  It was cold though, 20sF when we met up at 7am and high 20sF when we got into the water.  It warmed up a little but remained cold the entire day….cold then the breeze/wind kicked in around 11am and it was frigid.  Didn’t affect the bite though, as we had great fishing.   Pat caught some nice rainbows and browns….Adam it was his first time fly fishing and he caught double digits.  Great fishing for him too…We hit several stretches of river and put about 30 fish in the net total…we did a half day and quit around 100pm.  It was frigid.  But conditions are absolutely as perfect as they get for nymphing and streamer fishing….and I expect dry fly fishing to start the first warm spell and dropping water we get.  Right now flows are about 10-15% above normal full flow and water is clear/green….exactly what I prefer for spring fishing….about as good as it gets for the bobber rigs.  Here are a few pics….

3-8-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Jim and James Noble, Charlotte, NC, float trip, chilly start but warmed up quickly …..we floated big water today and spent our day chucking bobber rigs..so good to spend a day with two longtime clients and friends, Jim owns Roosters in Charlotte, Noble’s Grill in Winston-Salem,NC, and Noble Smoke ( BBQ, Brisket, etc) Charlotte, and Bossy Beulah’s in Charlotte (Southern Crispy Chicken Sandwiches) in Charlotte…..we had a good day dragging lots of weight and nymph rigs and caught a good many fish doing it…including some quality browns ….we had 60 degree highs in the afternoon and saw a rising fish here and there and lots of bugs….that will be all the more as the weather warms.  Great day though, doing another day tomorrow. Here are some pics….

3-9-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Jim and James Noble, Charlotte, NC, float trip, day two we met a little earlier and did a 10 mile float and had great fishing and awesome weather.  Big flows past day or so and today we fished half the day on big water and then the other half on regular full generation flows of 2400…..the result was the same…we caught a lot of fish and some quality fish as well on a variety of bugs and on bounce /nymph rigs, standard high water fare.  Not many risers though, one here or there, but that will change as flows drop and weather warms even more.  That will get better and better.  We had great fishing all the way til takeout.  Great weather day also with sunny /partly cloudy skies and 65F temps.  Very pleasant day to be outside.  If you find yourself in the Charlotte, NC area check out Roosters Uptown, Charlotte , Noble Smoke (bbq and brisket), and Bossy Beulah’s….  Here are some pics…


3-10-2021 FISHING REPORT – Web updates/web maintenance

3-11-2021 FISHING REPORT – working on our WY trips

3-12-2021 FISHING REPORT – working on our WY trips

3-13-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Clark Cox, Charlotte,NC, TN tailwater float, met Clark mid morning and we did a SH float, floating the whole river….we started off chucking meat but that was greatly impacted by the boat traffic so we traded the streamer stick for a bobber stick and caught a bunch of fish chucking nymph rigs….including some very nice rocket rainbows…we nymph fished til we got to the lower end of river and then picked up the streamer stick again and finished there with a nice brown before takeout.  Weather was warm and lots of people out, which was expected due to finally getting a nice weather Saturday that was warm.  Here are a few pics of our day…


3-15-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, met Ted midmorning and we did a South Holston float, in late so this is an abbreviated report…we caught some decent fish fishing streamers and then switched over to nymphing and caught a good many fish doing that as well.  It was warm and breezy, we just missed fishing for the ‘cycle’ catching fish on wets, streamers, nymphs and had some shots on falling water and dry flies at the end.  Great day though, spring is definitely here….here are some pics…


3-16-2021 FISHING REPORT -Guided Trip, Ron & Melanie Jenkins,  Charleston, SC, NC Mtns, met Ron and Melanie, whom I met through client Ted Linczak…Ted and I fished on Monday and he also joined us..it was Melanie’s first time fly fishing …we started off with some basic line management techniques and casting and within minutes Melanie had her first fish a nice rainbow.  We caught several others including one beautiful wild brown of about 10 inches….from there we fished several different spots each one yielding some action.  One favorite turn or bend yielded a 22 inch brown trout for Melanie, and she was ecstatic as was I…..quite a catch for a first timer and within such a short period of time.  She played the fish perfectly and minutes after hook up a large 22 in female brown trout lay in my net.  We fished several other spots and caught fish….enjoyed a nice shore lunch.  Ted fishing below us caught a good many fish as well.  We nymphed with deep rigs and Ted stripped a streamer here and there.  Mid afternoon Melanie and Ron called it a day and Ted stayed for a bit longer and we fished several stretches and all yielded fish including one 23″ hook jawed rainbow…and several other rainbows as well.  A good day…..water has dropped some but a good maintenance rain is coming on Thursday with a notable rain event.  We managed to escape the rain for the most part….Here are some pics….




3-17-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Pat Burney, Greensboro, NC NC Mtns, Pat and I got an early start and hoped to get in the trip before any rain set in….we were able to do just that.  It was actually quite nice…..by 11am it was in the low 60sF and pleasant….warm, light breeze, just a fantastic morning to be on the water.  Nymph fishing has been red hot and that is what we did all day, but the water has been dropping and there’s more and more bug activity, and the occasional riser.  So that being said, probably could have duped a few on top today but when something is working like magic its hard to not stick with it….which is why we stuck with nymphing.  March is quite possibly the best nymphing month there is if you get the right conditions….and we have had that for weeks now…..many weeks.  And its been great.  Pat and I fished several different places and we caught them on the usual mix of medium and small nymph patterns….Pats Rubberlegs, Jigged PTs, JuJu Baetis, medium black and brown stones…..typical spring stuff.  There were a good many black stones hatching too….we caught some absolutely gorgeous wild browns…some impressive ones up to 17″, and a lot of them , as well as a good many rainbows too.  We fished one dark corner hole that Pat hooked a massive rainbow, one of the largest I’ve seen in a while, a solid 25-26″ fish, fought it for 20 seconds then the fish managed to shake loose with a couple of head shakes.  We broke off another close to that size on the hookset as well….another large hook jawed rainbow.  Great fishing though, probably 40 fish total and also a nice shore lunch to boot with a 1lb turkey and ham club…..snacks, chips, and a slice of killer Key Lime pie….which we sat and ate on the river bank in sunny 60F degree weather.  It was a great change for the many cold days I have fished and guided all winter.  Great day though, fishing has been superb and that will continue….Here are some pics…..


3-18-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Greensboro, NC, ppd heavy rain where we were headed to fish, rescheduled to April

3-19-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Todd Collins, Greensboro, NC,Steve Sowder, Roanoke, VA, NC Mtns, while all places are not blown out per se, where we were headed is.  This does not mean there is no where to fish…..just means where we were headed is and that’s where clients preferred to fish….While not all water is necessarily blown, a lot  of places are high and dirty though.  We could catch fish, and we have done it for decades in weather like this, but wanted a better day for my guys.  And that’s ok….rescheduled to 3/26

3-22-2021 FISHING REPORT – Finishing up on an absolute mountain of fly orders….. Fly business has been very brisk…..so what have I been tying…..and filling bins with?  Take a look….

3-23-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Tim Moore, Peter Valenti, Pinehurst, NC, NC Mtns…..we met bright and early, chilly start but ended up being a perfect cloudy, misty spring day….low ceiling….love that ….and good fishing.  We fished two different waters, waded both, been trying to nurse an injured shoulder back to strength so it was nice to wade this week.  We nymph fished first half of the day, and also swung some soft hackles as caddis have been pouring off this week….dry fly fishing has been decent at times…..Caddis and some of our larger mayflies are coming off…. Dark /black stones, March Browns, Quill Gordons, some early Hendricksons with the warm temps.  We got on some risers and caught some nice browns.  We also caught some swinging soft hackles, a favorite tactic in the spring time when fish are boiling and crushing emergers but won’t eat a dry fly.  We had fish eat both ….plus we nymphed up a bunch of fish.  Only saw a couple other folks, so we had plenty or enough water to ourselves.  Here are a few pics…


3-24-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Tim Moore, Peter Valenti, Pinehurst, NC, NC Mtns….day two we fished different water, water was still up a bit but the fishing was superb, we caught a ton of fish nymphing double nymph rigs….and tangled with several 20 inch fish.  Peter had the best fish of the day a brown of about 23 inches, plus a larger brown on that came off, and a rainbow that was a two footer that after a spirited 45 second fight managed to run and pull free….the fly pulled out.  Still a great day though, a touch warmer but still cloudy most of the day and the fish were eating…. we got into some risers at the end of the day that were munching on a flight of egg laying size 14 black stoneflies….we ended the day with rising fish on dries…..a great exclamation point on two days of good fishing.  Fishing is great and will only get better in the days to come…..Here are some pics….


3-25-2021 FISHING REPORT – heavy rain/weather system ……… some big flows potentially coming

3-26-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Todd Collins, Greensboro, Steve Sowder, Roanoke, VA,NC Mtns , we had several inches of rain overnight, way more than forecast, and it took the first place the guys wanted to fish off the radar and we fished the clearest water we could find…..most water was blown out….yeah , You can almost always find something….a ditch, a small headwater stream that is not a great fishing stream …marginal water…that is fishable.  What we look for is a stream that offers good fishing anyway and that under the conditions offer a reasonable offer to catch fish.  Today , the guys were into learning more…..casting, line control, etc, dealing with changing conditions, and maybe catch a few fish.  We did all of that, and thankfully Todd and Steve’s commitment to learning and dealing with less than perfect conditions provided a decent day in conditions that would make many toss in the towel.  But we had a good day, and caught some decent browns in less than favorable conditions.  Here are some pics of our day…


3-27-2021 FISHING REPORT – River Cleanup South Holston & Watauga Rivers…. more powerful storms and more on tap for Sunday, a couple more inches of rain

3-29-2021 FISHING REPORT – Catching up on a pile of fly orders

3-30-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Spencer Tilley, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns , met Spencer bright and early and we headed off….a chilly start as it was in the 30sF, a cool down after the past several warm days.  Water was still up, but we expected that, and also had a bit of color to it.  We expected this too, I rigged up a double nymph rig and we went to work…first stretch we fished produced several nice browns, several wild ones, and a couple rainbows.  We switched back and forth between rigs and flies and caught more.  Fished two other stretches, and caught a good many fish using same flies and stuff we had started with.  We saw lots of bugs on the water, there were a lot of bugs coming off but only a few risers.  We actually put on a dry and targeted a few on dries but they would not eat.  We switched rig back to a bobber rig and went back to catching fish.  Great day, we ended up fishing another stream for a short spell and caught several rainbows there too, putting some nice icing on top of a great day.  Weather was phenomenal, calm winds and high of 61F.  Killer weather and fishing….another big rain coming for Wednesday though.  Here are some pics…


3-31-2021 FISHING REPORT – working on filling some custom fly orders as well as our monthly web maintenance and daily /weekly updates.

4-1- & 4-2-2021 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Shaun Redgate, Forest, VA, Shaun Redgate , Jr, Greensboro, NC, TN tailwaters, father /son trip, Shaun has been a longtime client of mine and this trip he brought along his son.  Shaun loves the South Holston, and because of the rain the TVA was dumping a lot of water…2700 which is the normal generation flow (2200-2300) with a little over 400 on top of it.  Its been real wet there just like everywhere, lots of water…..the lake is now nearing full so a purge of sorts is going on.  Typical of most post rain event fishing the trips were pouring in some dirty water….which isn’t so bad in a lot of cases.  The nymph bite was stellar.  Thursday was cold, spitting snow all day, temps in the 30sF , and quite breezy at times.  The wind never quit and blew 10-15 most of the time.  A raw day….but the fishing was hot.  Double rigs and bounce rigs produced a ton of fish for us using the likely suspects, a mix of mayfly imitations, dirt snakes, flashbacks etc, first day Shaun Jr did really well for his first time ever fly fishing….he probably landed 35 fish total.  He actually caught more than Shaun (dad) who landed maybe 20 or so.  We had probably 50 fish day, would’ve have been double that if all the fish that came unbuttoned or came off had come to net.  Several quality fish in the mix as well.  We did long floats both days.  The second day, Friday, was sunny and pleasant but still quite cool.  Temps in 30s most of the morning on the water moderating to the upper 40s then a little over 50 late afternoon.  But on the river it didn’t feel like it.  Still breezy, still cold….but fishing was good again.  We boated probably 35 or so, including some very nice browns ….one of Shaun Sr’s made the trip, a large resident fish that was all colored up and had obviously been eating very well.  All in all a great two days with two great guys…..here are some pics of our fishing….