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  •   This is the most popular page of our site, it is a Fishing Reports page with the conditions we found, the fishing we had, and includes a summary of the action plus any photographs we take on the trip. Perhaps the most popular page on our site with tons of clicks daily it is a resource and a place to feature the most important part of our business – -you the customer.


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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 Late December/January 2020  FISHING REPORTS

12-28-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Brian Coghill, Greensboro, NC , NC Mtns, met Brian and his son Grant mid morning and we floated about a 11 mile stretch of the South Holston….unbelievable sunny warm weather with temps near 70F and no wind and the nymph bite continues to be really good.  We caught a good mix of rainbows and browns right from the start.  It was the guys first float trip and Grant had the opportunity to catch some first fish on a new rod he’d recently gotten.  We gave it a good christening, putting 19 fish in the net which included some really nice rainbows.  We had great nymph bite, lots of fish to hand, a lot that hooked up and came unbuttoned….great day though.  Great fishing continues…..and should as well.  We have January openings, time to get in on it.  Here are some pics….

12-30-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters, floated the entire SoHo top to bottom, caught a lot of fish, lot of fish moving into post spawn …..some have already spawned, some are in the process, and some are yet to….but that will all come slowly to a close with the new year, cold weather, rain/snow, flow changes, changes ultimately in water temp.  Things were late to start on some waters, up and down with the up and down weather, and in constant flux.  Fishing has been good though regardless.  We have enjoyed some of the best nymph fishing of the year on high flows, and streamer fishing has been good at times also.  We put a ton of fish in the boat today, a couple of nicer fish, a fairly mild day (low 50s) but it was really breezy….downright windy at times.   Still a good day though, and finished up 2019 catching fish.  Looking forward to 2020 with great anticipation.  Here are some pics….

1-1-2020 FISHING REPORT – Happy New year!

1-2-2020 FISHING REPORT THRU 1-5-2020 FISHING REPORT – Ended 2019 with a flu bug and started 2020 with same thing put finally getting past it.  Looking forward to kicking off 2020 on 1-6.

1-6-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Terry Massagee, Greensboro, NC, float, we did 11mi float and got a mid morning start, fishing was great as it has been …..very light boat traffic, cold to start but warmed up nicely to the mid to upper 40s and turned out to be a pretty nice day.  We had a great nymph bite to start, caught probably a dozen to 15 fish before getting on some rising fish eating olives.  Caught about a dozen dry fly fish on olives, the first of the year so far……this will continue though, if you want in on it now is a good time.  I always chuckle a bit when I think how sometimes folks must think…..”Its January, things are a little slower, he’s just saying that….”  and then I think, just ask Terry.  He enjoyed some great nymphing, some dry fly fishing in January, and a nymph bite the rest of the day that was about as on fire as it gets.  I think he landed between 60 and 70 fish total, probably half that many hooked and played that got off, two of which broke off and we never saw that were high teens or low 20s, and one low 20’s brown that came off at boatside at the end of the float.  It was a great day.  We arrived at takeout at dusk as I often do having had a stellar day.  This fishing isn’t an anomaly its fairly normal stuff for January.  Got some days open coming up if anyone wants in on it and wants to enjoy light boat traffic to boot.  Wade fishing is excellent right now also, for those wanting to partake in that.  We can do either!  Here are some pics of our day….

1-7- through 1-10-2020 FISHING REPORT – beginning our annual “mega edit ” of all our sites……snow in the high country today, 1 to 3 inches areawide, dusting in the foothills, rain elsewhere….quick transition to rain then back to snow showers before it all ends this afternoon.  Great day to be out fishing though (not a joke)!

Have something I have not had in a long time… open dates…..  now is a great time to fish for anyone wanting to get in on some good fishing.  You don’t have to wait to spring to enjoy great fishing.  In fact, wait til then, and you will have already missed some of the best fishing of the year.


Have a boatload of fly fishing books Im selling that belonged to someone who passed away, selling them for their spouse…. have been selling them for their spouse will be listing them over the next few days.  Message me  if interested and I’ll shoot you a list of what the books are.  Clicking here will take you to my Contact US page and just give me name and email address and ‘books’ in the message box and I’ll send you info.  There are a ton of them….some of them collector’s items

Our huge year end editing stuff and new year adding stuff should be done soon hopefully.  We had a record 2019 and thank everyone who supported us.  As the business has grown over the past several years the upkeep of a lot of web site stuff has been a growing mountain….. very time consuming.  Hopefully everyone will get to enjoy the new updates soon…..lots of new stuff, especially in the realm of flies and fly tying.  Stay Tuned!

1-13-2020 FISHING REPORT – working on finishing up our site editing, preparing stuff for our first 2020 newsletter, and a mountain of fly orders.  We recently (last year) announced formally something that we’ve actually been doing for three decades….custom flies.  Just never made a big deal of it, advertised it, etc., but I have another side business that is called Appalachian Fly Company….small batch, high quality, guide tied custom fly patterns.  Not new of course, but been tying and selling flies for over 3 decades.  Follow or Check us out on Instagram @appflyco or click here .  I sometimes post stuff here that isn’t posted anywhere else.

1-14-2020 FISHING REPORT -finishing up fly tying edits…..can check out some here via our Fly Tyers Bench page which goes to another section of my site that is devoted 100% to fly tying.  Check it out below by clicking the link….



1-15-2020 FISHING REPORT – still working on getting all our site editing done ahead of the January newsletter going out.  Been quite an adventure as a lifelong PC user trying to learn the MacBook proficiently enough to do what I have been doing.  Its great, but man is it different.  Love it though.  Business has been real good, after this on to a mountain of fly orders that I am finishing.

For all customer that do the streamer fishing gig with me, here’s a great video on sinking lines….and sink tips….I am a RIO fly lines ambassador and use RIO sink lines and Simon Gawesworth does a great job in this one….to view see below…..


Hard few days in Panther fandom……Luke Kuechly announced his retirement yesterday after an 8yr career in the NFL.  My fave player ….mad respect for him….all the better he’s a fly fisherman and has been for a very long time….check this out….

1-16-2020 FISHING REPORT – will be performing some routine boat and trailer maintenance…..while I can sneak it in before it gets really busy again in a few days……

1-17-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Robert Johnson, Cherryville, NC, TN tailwater trip, Robert brought his friend Carl along and we met up mid morning, Robert has fished with me before but it was Carl’s first trip, and first time fly fishing.  We fished nymph rigs, swung wet fly rigs, fished dries, even tossed some streamers…and caught fish on everything.  Fishing is pretty good…well, excellent to put it straight.  Carl put almost 30 fish in the net, quite exceptional I’d say for never having fly fished.  Together the guys put between 60 and 70 fish in the net over our day long float.  It was great.  Cool weather but not terribly cold, light wind, part sun to clouds to end the day, a perfect winter day and the boat traffic was light to boot.  Made for an exceptional day on the water.  It was great, a fantastic day for any time of year.  Normal stuff for January on a tailwater though.  Good fishing will continue, no reason to wait til spring when things will get pounded and we’ll be all booked up.  Let’s go fly fishing!  Here are some pics…

1-18-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN float trip, met Ted early as the threat was for Freezing rain, sleet, and snow to start the day….weather warnings were posted online and on all the weather channels and apps…and as usual they were wrong.  Apps on your phone are almost never right.  But fortunately it kept a lot of folks away… we enjoyed the river to ourselves only seeing a couple of other boats all day long.  We nymph fished and threw streamers as well and had a banner day probably putting 50 or more in the net…including some quality larger fish on the meat and a couple really nice dredging bottom with the nymph rigs.  It was cool and midday started to rain and get windy which made for raw, nasty conditions all the way to take out.  Imagine 5 miles through breezy and rainy conditions with chilly temps….it will test your desire to be out there.  But as in the SIMMS ads, we mocked the weatherman, forgot the forecast, and made a great day of it.  The nymph bite lately has been off the scale….. red hot.  Here are some pics ….

1-20-2020 FISHING REPORT – finishing up some trailer maintenance…..chilly in the High country….

1-21-2020 FISHING REPORT – Been finishing up a pile of fly orders …… making up for some off the water days a couple of days with the temps in the teens….. I fish in this, guide in this, have for decades…. and believe it or not you can still catch fish in it.  We have done it many times over in some pretty sketchy conditions.  We are still fishing if a customer calls…..so let’s go fly fishing!  I have been working also on several things as well, designing some stickers, hats, t -shirts, etc., excited as a lot of it uses some of my own art and photography.

1-23-2020 FISHING REPORT – Fishing is shaping up again after a few days of bone chilling cold in the high country…..almost finished with a pile of fly orders….. working on a lot of stuff for upcoming trips including filling holes in my guide boxes of flies I have been using the past month…..midges, sucker spawns, egg patterns, blue wings…..all are needed.  Also still learning the new computer and working on some future stuff…. what I hope to use on the site, for stickers, hats, shirts, etc.

We also are planning two fly tying classes coming up , there will be two classes we are doing with our friends at Great Outdoor Provision Company …..the first will be on March 4, 2020 from 6-8pm  details click here ……and the second March 11, 2020 from 6-8pm for detail click here .  The best part is they are FREE .

1-24-2020 FISHING REPORT – Open/available…… a mild up coming , fishing is good right now, our trips when we have been out have produced quite well……as many folks are learning….Winter isn’t an ‘offseason’…..enjoy great fishing and often having the water to yourself…..

1-28-2020 FISHING REPORT– finishing up a pile of fly orders as well as trying to build up a stock for 2020…..can never have enough flies.  We ‘ve got some new stuff in the pipe too and can’t wait to use it.  Also just posted up on our fly tying site a new Sucker Spawn recipe.  We use this to great effect from October through Early May and never fail to have some in the box.  Click here to go to our fly tying site .

1-29-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Curtis Reeves, Archdale, NC

1-30-2020 FISHING REPORT – Open/available

1-31-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Cory Kirkland, Raleigh, NC, NC Mtns

2-1-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters

2-3-2020 FISHING REPORT – Open/available

2-4-2020 FISHING REPORT – Open/available






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