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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 April 2020-May  FISHING REPORTS

4-1-2020 FISHING REPORT – working inside today also, playing some catch up.

Looking for some encouragement…..?  These are hard times for everyone.  There is no one who hasn’t been affected deeply by the current crisis.  Here is an encouraging word….

From John Piper…..

4-2-2020 FISHING REPORT – working on some fly orders, plus some new stuff coming down the pipe.  This isn’t time for defeat or fear or being down….but to rise to the occasion…see the silver lining and learn some new stuff.  GROW.  Iron is made sharp in a hot fire…..that is our perspective.  We have some new stuff coming…..and I’m excited!

Praying for the safety and health of everyone, our customers included…. if I can pray for you , with you, etc. , email me jwflyfishing@gmail.com, call or text 336 944-3628 .  Trying to remember to always encourage folks and tell them God can make a way where there is no way.  Don’t watch the news too much, they don’t know everything.  God knows everything, and He can bring great things from bad things.  He has been doing it since the beginning of time

Here are two great messages, the first one is a short one, second one is a longer one.  Both are great.  Take a listen, and have hope.


4-3-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, TN float, we enjoyed some great flows and water conditions and also enjoyed a red hot nymph bite where we put probably 40 -50 fish in the boat fishing a variety of double nymph rigs and dry/dropper rigs with two nymphs underneath.  It was great for sure, but stayed that way right up to the end.  We had a combined blue winged olive and sulphur hatch occur simultaneously and we caught another 50 or so from early afternoon til dusk, about half of them on soft hackles/emergers and the other half on dries, and fish up to 16″ on the dries.  We hit a short spell with the dry fly fishing where every fish was one of those quality 15-16″ butter sticks.  It was great.  Fishing was uncrowded, and with the boat the so called “social distancing” is maintained because Jim is 74″ from me…. 2 inches more than the 6ft requirement.  It was great to be on the water seeing fish go about normal life without a care in the world.  What a great escape during all this insanity/madness.  It was so good Jim and I stayed overnight (in separate spaces) and enjoyed a round 2 on Saturday.  Here are some pics….

4-4-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Ted Linczak,, we did another float and found similar results, nymphing in the morning to around midday, then a flurry of dry fly fishing to rising fish that were eating a mix of blue wings and sulphurs….plus a great hatch that went on for around 2 hrs, swinging up many more fish on soft hackles and wets….plus more dry fly fishing.  Probably 80-90 fish total landed…and then we got a bump up in flow around 5pm so we switched to streamers and fished those to takeout scoring another 8 fish or so.  Another great day, light boat traffic.  Here are some pics of our day….

4-6-2020 FISHING REPORT – website updates plus a mountain of other stuff to go through, including again an update on the ongoing developments with regard to the China virus…..

Our Present Status In keeping with the governor’s stay at home order /essential activities/businesses we are open for business.  This decision continues after not only a lot of time, consideration, legal counsel from clients with 30 plus years in the legal profession and going over our policies and the requirements of the Governor’s order.  Also, the Wildlife agencies of our state and neighboring states have not only cleared fishing/hunting as an acceptable activity but are actually advertising and promoting it.  I will provide proof of that to anyone that needs it.   For anyone wanting an “official statement” I can gladly provide one by request.

4-7-2020 FISHING REPORT – filling some fly orders

4-8-2020 FISHING REPORT – Fishing remains good, we are open for business.  You want to fish, we can make that happen… Rivers are stocked, have been stocked on schedule, floating remains good as well with lots of dry fly fishing available.  Our hatches have blossomed, water conditions remain excellent…..many are under the impression that you can’t fish or we can’t guide.  Not true.  Neither are true.

Normally I am very careful about posting anything that might be divisive or controversial but we are being lied to/deceived/whatever you call it.

or click here to read the above article.  I am posting this because I doubt the honesty and veracity of the news media.  They have lied to us and deceived us and lost all credibility in my opinion.  The so called ‘experts’ , and I am not going to make a determination of their character as that is not my place to do but it is time we question the stuff we are hearing.  Tired of the whole “group think’ mentality…. this is an interesting piece and this Dr makes the case that because he is not paid by the government he can do actual science.  The projections we have been given for this virus have all been wrong.  Not a little wrong, grossly wrong.  That is a fact.

a few videos as we celebrate Easter week….

4-9-2020 FISHING REPORT – some rain overnight as a front moves through, not a washout as it can be in spring but a good “maintenance” rain keeping stream levels optimum….actually helped a lot too as we were getting some 70s and 80s as far as temps and it will keep stream temps cool as well.  Lots of bugs coming off, caddis, larger mayflies, blue winged olives , and tailwaters are already seeing some sulphur activity if you can believe it.  Great stuff!  Great to have those escapes in the midst of all the craziness going on right now.

Water temps are running in the low to upper 50s area wide depending on elevation…some high 40s still if you get over 3000ft in elevation, but afternoon temps approach the low 50s and this is why we are seeing hatches.  Some great dry fly fishing has been occurring as well as excellent nymph fishing.

Some fly orders going out today…..getting a small streamer order (below) part of it anyway headed to guide client in Arkansas who will put these to use on the White, Norfork, and Little Red Rivers.

4-10-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Gregg & Zach Williamson, we did a long float, it was chilly and super windy most of the day, and I actually drove through heavy snow showers on the way to the river.  But it was supposed to reach 60F, and it did, even though it felt chilly most of the day.  We had a great day of fishing though, catching fish on all things, wets/soft hackles, nymph rigs, streamers, dries….all of it.  Zach had big fish of the day, a 20″ plus rainbow and Gregg had several quality browns on streamers …we ended up with probably 50 fish in the boat even in the super windy conditions…..and also had probably one of the heaviest sulphur hatches I have ever personally witnessed in 30+ yrs of fishing over in East TN.  Great day with a longtime client and son and it was truly great……we are open for business, we are fishing in a 100% safe manner and place…..here are some photos….

4-11-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Patti Nolan, did an 11 mile float, temps were chilly to start, we did a long float putting in mid morning and fishing was good right from the outset.  Nymph bite was fantastic, we caught a ton of fish nymphing and as we began to see rising fish we swung some soft hackles and wets and caught a ton that way as well.  A few on dries, some rising fish, and lots of bugs, both bwos and sulphurs, and caught a really nice brown on top (Patti caught it)….not to mention the weather was fabulous.  No wind, pleasant 64F and sunny skies….and light river traffic.  Fishing was red hot to put it mildly….Patti caught between 40 and 50 on her own, Jim probably added 40 of his own.  So, we didn’t have a triple digit day but we didn’t miss it by a lot.  Fishing has been great folks….and we are fishing.  Enjoying great fishing in a 100% safe environment away from all the nuttiness right now…..all in the middle of almost non existent river traffic.  Try to find that again in April.  Here are some pics of our day…

4-13-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Jeff Chalmers, Jim Bolling, had to postpone due to high dirty small stream conditions from the heavy rains of Sunday night.

4-14-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike Workman, Nick Sweitzer, ppd muddy conditions, rescheduled to 4-17

4-15-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Brian & Linda Fitzgerald, ppd muddy conditions, rescheduled to 4-16

4-16-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Brian & Linda Fitzgerald , rescheduled from 4-14, met Brian and Linda early and we had a chilly start, it was in the 30s and very breezy…we floated the big water today it was high and dingy but we still had a very enjoyable day.  Turned out to be a very nice day as it warmed to the upper 50s/close to 60.  We saw bugs but few rising fish just because of the higher flows and windy conditions.  We still caught nice fish nymphing, a mix of rainbows and browns, mostly browns…it was just great again to get out in the middle of all this craziness.  Spending a day outside does wonders for the ick that is going on around us.  It is very soothing…..the weather is beautiful, the fish are doing their thing, and we were there today to see it and be a part of it.  Here are some pics of our day:

4-17-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike Workman, Nick Sweitzer, rescheduled from 4-13, met Mike and Nick mid morning and man what a nice day…we started with some deep double nymph rigs and fishing the big water we did pretty good, catching some quality rainbows..we got into a sulphur hatch also and did well there too scoring some risers on the surface.  We continued nymphing and continued to get into some fish and also chucked some streamers for a bit and caught 3 nice fish doing that.  Things turned on mid afternoon and it was good til we quit.  Long day but a great day, so grateful to be out on the water and to spend it with two longtime clients who are always great to spend a day on the river with.  Here are some pics…

4-18-2020 FISHING REPORT – Had a scheduled trip today cancel, will be possibly doing a float myself this morning….we’ll see.  It’s raining….if you can believe it.  Turns out I did a float trip , a short float and had some good fishing, I caught a number of fish nymphing, some fantastic browns and rainbows, including one two foot rainbow and several 16-19″ fish….also fished a short hatch at the end and caught some fish swinging bugs.  Here are some pics from my day….

4-20-2020 FISHING REPORT – will be working on some orders and taking care of some prep and other stuff for how we are going to adjust going forward with business…we are open, we are doing trips and everything we always have.  WE WILL NOT LIVE IN FEAR.  We aren’t closed, or operating on a “limited basis”…. to the contrary we are operating “Business as Usual.” What does business as usual mean?  Here is what it means…. We already do all of the required things to be in compliant with all governor’s orders.  Social distancing, hand washing, sanitizing hands, equipment, vehicle, boat, etc., plus other measures. Again, our business is approved pursuant to section 1 , No 1 Part 1, No 3 Part 3 on page 3, and section 2 page 4 section c Part 1.   I have consulted with both legal and medical folks to get their opinions on all of it, including going through the governor’s order line by line, page by page.  Want to do a trip?  Message me and we will make it happen.

CLICK HERE here for a copy of our ‘official policy and mode of operations’ with regard to this virus outbreak.  The link will take you to a download  page where you can view  info.

4-21-2020 FISHING REPORT – Reposting this for everyone’s information…..This is what we have been putting out over the past month….

CLICK HERE here for a copy of our ‘official policy and mode of operations’ with regard to this virus outbreak.  The link will take you to a download  page where you can view  info.

4-22-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Jim Bolling, Jeff Chalmers, met the guys bright and early, really early in fact, and we all rode in separate cars to the river.  We fished two waters, and after arriving at the first, I rigged rods and the guys got suited up.  First stretch of water we hit we smoked em’ pretty good, scoring probably 25 fish or so.  We fished one more spot and it produced 2 more fish.  The weather was fabulous, and we caught our fish on a variety of double nymph rigs….. sucker spawns and dropper nymphs ….pick a nymph.  Larger dark PTs work great this time of year, as do Gold ribbed hares ears and that is what we used to great effect.  We did well…. just before lunch we hopped back in our trucks and headed to another water and it turned out to be excellent as well.  Caught 30-40 there and had great fishing all the way to the end.  Mostly rainbows and brookies, not a single brown in the mix, except for one that was a large brown over 2ft long that we hooked and it came unbuttoned at long range.  Jeff hooked it, and both he and I were sick!  It was a beast.  But it was indeed a great day, we fished til after 6pm and called it a day.  Excellent fishing, but then again that is what April is all about. I think close to 60 fish landed, a good day by any standard…and some great mental health medicine for sure.  Folks the river and out in the fresh air is the safest place you can be, more than the grocery store, Walmart, the convenience store….you name it.    We have lots of great fishing ahead of us, both right now and in the future.  We have days open, and we are open.  Let’s go fly fishing!  Here are our pics…


4-23-2020 FISHING REPORT – doing some updates to our sites, working on some flies… including a few orders for customers, as well as working on plans on the upcoming months and the trips we are doing.  Still going to make a great spring and summer out of the current situation….Lord willing.

4-24-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Greg & Alexander Adzima, met Greg and Alexander at the put in, and we had cool temps but overall a much nicer day than the phone weather apps said…not surprising though, as they are rarely that accurate.  We had cool, cloudy , a little sun, and on and off light showers all day….and stellar fishing.  We caught some chunk rainbows and some nice browns first half of the day and it was great.  Probably 30 fish or so by lunch, we caught most all of them nymphing.  We got downriver to where we have been getting a good sulphur hatch and it was fantastic.  We caught many more fish on soft hackles and dry flies, probably another 30 or more….Alexander caught a 20″ rainbow that gave a great account of itself.  It was a hot one.  We caught a good mix of rainbows and browns the rest of the way, ending the day with over 60 fish landed….all amidst almost zero boat traffic and for I think the first time in as long as I remember we were one of two boats putting in and only boat taking out when we took out.  Ordinarily there would be 30-40 boats on this stretch of water on a typical April day.  Folks, the fishing is great.  Uncrowded……excellent fishing.  I have openings coming up and going to be good fishing still.  I keep saying it and will keep saying it….if its safe to go to Walmart, Home Depot , Lowes, and everywhere else that is currently open its safe enough for everyone to work and also to fish.  To not see fishing as safe , to me, based upon the above, is totally ridiculous.   Here are some pics of our outstanding day….


4-25-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, we got toasted by severe t storms, ppd and moved trip to Tuesday.

On a different note, here is a great video on COVID 19 and is the best of probably hundreds of sources of info I have come across.  We are doing everything we can to dispel lies concerning it, or rather, to see things in proper light ….not to downplay an obvious medical situation but to rather dispel fears that have no basis in reality.  Common sense, empirical data and fundamental principles of biology matter, a good bit of this is being overlooked and even violated.  This is from two phyicians in California who own/run 5 large urgent care facilities there.  They are called Accelerated Urgent Care.   You won’t hear  a lot of this , because it has truth in it and the mainstream media isn’t interested in telling you the truth.    Since all this mess began back in February, I have put in HUNDREDS of hours of research on it.  The original kept getting removed from Youtube, so I decided to make my own copy to share so it can’t be altered or deleted.  The reason it has been censored is because we are being lied to and this is the truth.  It confirms what I am hearing and have been hearing from actual Doctors and nurses here in our area as well.  What these guys present is in agreement with what they are telling me.   Here it is, you can click the link and it will take you to a video that can be viewed.


4-27-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, we did a full day float and had excellent fishing, Ted loves streamer fishing so we did that a good bit with some dry fly fishing sprinkled in here and there.  It was chilly to start, but overall we had a fine weather day and the fishing was outstanding to say the least.  A lot of fish caught, I’d say 75 roughly, and some quality fish too, including several high teens to low 20’s browns.  The river looks great, yes high, and yes TVA dumping a lot of water, but the fishing is outstanding.   We got into a little bit of a hatch, in between streamer sessions…..and took full advantage of it.  We also fished up a few with a swinging rig as well.  Great day though, and amidst zero boat traffic.  Zero.  What a day.  Here are some pics….

4-28-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, we did a full day float, and it was lights out from the very start.  We started with cloudy skies, then partly cloudy/sunny/cloudy /partly cloudy on and off all day long.  We caught a bunch of fish fishing a deep , 2 fly bobber rig/bounce rig, some nice fish, and river flow was around 3000….a very high flow with the ongoing releases due to all the rain but quite honestly fishing hasn’t missed a beat…it has been absolutely awesome and we’ve had it dailed in pretty good past several floats.  We switched to a dry/double dropper rig and smoked them on that as well and put some of the most beautiful rainbows in the boat as I have in a long time.  Caught a ton of fish on that rig fishing eddies, bank seams, seam lines, bends , shelves you name it, it smoked them.  We stopped several times to fish to rising fish that were rising to the continuous parade of bwos and sulfurs that came off from 1pm on til 7 or so.  We alternated between dries, swinging rigs, dry /dropper rigs and continued to do very well.  Toward the end we switched off to chucking streamers and put another dozen or so in the boat, including the best fish of the day, a colored up 22″ brown.  It was a great day, probably 60-70 fish landed.  The weather was epic…..mild, on and off sun, and no wind.  Truly great day.  So glad to be working too, so thankful.  Here are some pics of our day:

5-1-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, ….Gregg Williamson, Reily Williamson, met Gregg and Reily late morning and we did the upper South Holston, water was in great shape even after heavy rains of a day ago.  We had great water conditions.  Nymph fishing was good, we did well early on with double nymph rigs, caught some nice rainbows……we fished our way downriver and continued to do well.  Took a short break for lunch and afterward fished a blue winged olive and sulphur hatch , both bugs coming off simultaneously.  A good many rising fish, and they were picky unlike days before.  It was also breezy which made fishing dries tough…but we still caught a decent number on dries as well as a number on that came off.  We also were able to get a few on soft hackle flies; we finished the day out nymphing and chucking streamers .  Awesome day , great again to be out, and thankful to be working.  Here are some photos of our day…

5-2-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Duane Bryant, met Duane ….a friend and customer for over 20years….bright and early and did the upper 2/3 South Holston float and what a day, we had one of the best weather days of the year and what would turn out to be excellent fishing as well.  We caught fish early nymphing and with a deep/dry and double nymph dropper rig….worked like a charm.  As we fished our way downriver and got into bugs we switched to the dry fly where we found some rising fish and the situation warranted it.  Caught a bunch of risers on dries, then we nymphed in between the spots we stopped to dry fly fish.  Caught some too on a two fly swinging rig as well.  We pretty much continued this downriver every stretch and we ended up at our takeout around 630pm having had an outstanding day.  Had three plus hours of dry fly fishing to rising fish today which was great….and the weather was simply outstanding.  Probably 4 dozen fish landed…..caught on five different rigs/methods.  Pretty sweet….more of this lies ahead…Here are some pics of our day…

5-6-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Terry Massagee, met Terry near Boone, and we drove in separate vehicles to the river.  We had some challenges due to the storms and heavy rain of yesterday.  One place we were going to fish was high and muddy, blown out.  We went to plan B and did find fishable water though and ended up with some good fishing.   Plan B turned out to be as good or better than I figured plan A would be.  Small water creek stomping is what we did today…most of our Mtn counties got a bit of rain, some more than others and that means higher flows and lots of weight, short casts, careful drifts….fishing less water and fishing the water we fished more carefully…. and we were into fish right away.  The weather today was cold, windy, and from mid morning til late afternoon we had showers….some fairly significant.  But that didn’t do much to affect our fishing, it was good.  We caught probably a dozen each from the first three stretches of water we fished.   Double nymph rigs, large point fly with a smaller fly behind worked well…..as well as the twitch and drift presentations with streamers.  That is a deadly small stream high water tactic.  Produced many fish today, including one brook char over 20inches.  Several other nice fish as well….we also caught a mix of stockers and natives…..several of the most beautiful browns and rainbows , wild fish, you have ever seen.  It was great.  We fished til about 5pm and called it a day, just as some rain/snow mix was on the way in.  Cold day, but a ton of fish caught…..probably 40 or so.  Cold temps and chilly rain have knocked down water temps to upper 40s again so some hatches will see a lull but an uptick is coming with the first warm days returning.  Here are some pics of our day….

5-7-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Sims Riggan, Cole Riggan, we did a full day float, TVA bumped up flows a ton and that made for some changing conditions, we dealt with dirty water with a lot of stuff in it ……for a spell then things cleared up.  Things were a bit slow , sometimes that is normal here for mornings, but it picked up later and we eventually got Into some decent fish as the water cleared a little.  We got into some fish with the usual nymphing rigs first, then found some rising fish, caught some on dries, then finished up with a decent nymph bite.  Not an outstanding float but given the drastic weather change and unanticipated flow change, it was decent to say the least.  Id say probably not bad considering all the above.  May around here is good for a least one weather wallop…..that is where its supposed to be May and feel like May and feeling more like January.  This is our annual privilege of enjoying that.  Here are some pics….

5-8-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Sims Riggan, Cole Riggan, we did some wade fishing with some anticipated heavy rains and very cold weather headed in …we had planned for Cole and Sims’ 3 day trip to do some of that so today was the day.  Early start, headed from East TN over the NC line to a NC water and I figured we could buy time before the worst of the weather moved in…that is exactly how it was.  We caught fish early on, and Cole landed a toad of a brookie that was around 20″…. We fished deep double nymph rigs and chucked streamers a bit, caught some on streamers. We fished several different stretches and caught fish each one.  Had the best fishing though right at the end when the rain set in, the fish turned on for about 3 hours and we caught a good number of nice fish.  We had light to moderate rain, steadily dropping temperatures, the rain was significant but never enough to muddy the water although it did rise as we were fishing.  It was better than yesterday, albeit even tougher conditions that then. Forecast was for a changeover to snow, windy, and 1-2″ for some locations in the NC and East TN Mtns…..and possibly a dusting for lower elevations.  Here are some pics…didn’t get a ton of pics once the rain moved in but did get a few…..

5-9-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Sims Riggan, Cole Riggan, we met mid morning after a chilly night that meant heavy rain for the area and snow for some…it was cold, nasty, blustery and the blustery part would remain for Saturday even though the rest of the bad stuff would move on.  It was cold, not chilly, cold.  It warmed up to low 50s, really chilly for May when you say it “warmed up to the low 50s”.  But we did ok given the conditions, coupled with continued high flows and wind.  We caught most of our fish on nymphs but the mid afternoon, as it so often does this time of year, offered the opportunity to fish to rising fish with dries.  We caught a couple on dries before they stopped rising.  We finished up with a short nymph bite that was decent on the last 3 miles of our float.  The guys were great, so thankful they fished 3 days with me in the midst of what is already going on let alone the crazy weather.  They handled it like troopers and were rewarded with some nice fish.  Here are some pics…..

5-11-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Kevin Solesbee, 1/2 day NC wade trip and it was chilly and breezy to start, and while it warmed up it was chilly in the river most of the day with the passage of another cold front and winds in the 20-30mph range.  We had an excellent half day though, netting probably 3 dozen fish or more and 7 fish that were large fish, including two large brown trout, one of which was one of the larger NC fish I have ever had in the net.  Also netted 5 large rainbows too…..and we caught all our fish on double nymph rigs.  Water conditions are excellent, clear, and about as good as it gets.  Excellent fishing right now, as it should be, its May.  We are now all booked for May and have never been so thankful for the work.  Thanks everyone who has fished with us right through this spring mess.  Those who ventured out were not only safe but enjoyed great fishing.  We finished early afternoon and called it a day.  Kevin had a great day, a great first day fly fishing.  Here are some pics….