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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


  DECEMBER 2017 & January 2018  FISHING REPORTS

12-5 to 12-7-2017 FISHING REPORT – South Holston Group trip, Ken Okorn group, Mechanicsburg, PA. TN Tailwaters, had Bob Moyer, Ken Okorn and Skip Shreve join me for a wade trip and our plan was the Soho and Watauga.  The guys got in some wade fishing on both and caught fish on both rivers, but releases were prohibitive at times for wading and we set it up as a wade trip.  So we ended up spending some time just over the line in NC on a nearby water that provides great winter fishing and it was good.  Super cold, very chilly….but we caught a pile of fish, probably over 50-60 total a mix of rainbows and browns.  We landed three big rainbows up to 23″ .  We missed some time as one of our guys had a medical emergency and we had to make a quick visit to nearby emergency room but everything turned out ok.  We went back to fishing and made the best of it.  Great guys though as always, these three are some of my favorites for sure.  Here are a few pics…


12-8-2017 FISHING REPORT – unavailable……snow , finally…..winter is here and it feels like it and looks like it.  Time to catch fish……and big fish.  Might be our favorite season of the year…..and looking forward to the solitude winter brings on the water..with no let down on the catching fish part.  Don’t believe winter fly fishing can be productive?  Lets go fly fishing, I’ll make a believer out of you!

12-9-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Rick Allen, Archdale, NC, 2 Anglers, NC Mtns,ppd and reschedule, client cancellation , probably a good thing as the roads were really in bad shape with up to 10/11″ of snow in the area were headed to.  My kind of stuff though because I love it!

12-11-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters….looks like more cold and snow, lots of snow in the high country, it started out really cold, and was chilly all day but bearable.  We had hoped to get in some dry fly fishing, and expected to get in some in the afternoon with some olives, but we had rising fish right from the start.  We caught fish on bwos, my cdc sparkle emerger, then caught a few on dry dropper rigs with midge droppers.  Then we switched back to dries and nailed a ton of fish , it was game on all afternoon….the dry fly fishing was so good we never stopped for lunch.  It was incredible, as good as it can be in the summer.  Ted probably landed 50 or more on dries, a lot of them quality browns.  When the sun started sinking low at 445pm, we switched over to a double nymph rig, a tunghead caddis larva with a spawn fly fished below it.  Netted another twenty or so, many quality browns on the rig too.  We fished til dusk and called it a day….it was a phenomenal day.  More snow forecast for tomorrow, things could be interesting.  Calling for cold and wind too, here are pics from today…



12-12-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters…..looks like more cold and snow in the forecast…and that is exactly what we got.  Bitter cold, wind, driving snow and sleet, a bitter raw day and only one other person one entire section of river we were on and he only stayed 15 minutes.  We fished to rising fish from the time we got in the water at 845am til the time we quit around 415pm.  It was outstanding dry fly fishing ….bwo spinners and then a blanket bwo hatch.  At least 50 fish in the net and all on a couple of my tiny dry fly patterns….a CDC blue wing skinny and a CDC Sparkle tail.  A great day to be sure.  After fishing I headed back through moderate to heavy snow most of the way back.  Quite a nail biter in traffic towing a boat…  Another big shot of snow and cold for the mtns (East TN, SW Va, and NW NC).  Here are a few pics…




12-13-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip with longtime friend Brad Ball, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, another bitter cold night and cold day today, overnight snow and temps were really chilly.  Areas that didn’t get more snow last night (much of our mtns did) already had up to a foot/14 inches in spots.  Couple all that snow lying around, temps in the teens and 20sF, and a stiff wind and it was really cold, ice in the guides, and on the rod tip such that you had totally quit fishing and deal with the ice.  We fished double nymph rigs, and where we fished is stonefly water and among our favorites as far as nymphs is a 20 Incher Stone nymph….plus other stonefly nymphs…simply put they work.  We used a variety of caddis larvae, midge droppers, and eggs and spawn flies.  Put probably 35 or so in the net, we fished til 330pm and called it a day as it was getting really chilly again.  Caught rainbows and browns, and some of the rainbows were fantastic.  A couple were really nice fish.  Good day in some not so great temps but hey, its winter right?  Here are a few pics….






12-14-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Steve Krasicky Group, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, guided Steve and his client Tiaan Kruger, and for Tiaan, who is from South Africa, it was his first time fly fishing.  After stopping at two different spots and finding perfect winter conditions totally frozen conditions —we moved on to plan C.  I mean where I’d planned on fishing was frozen bank to bank with the only free flowing water in the fastest riffles.  So we went on to plan C and it paid off.  We found some clear water, enough ice free to fish and did very well.  We nymph fished all day, as you’d expect on a day like today for the most part , at least on a small stream.  We had cold temps, snow on the ground, a stiff breeze at times, but we put in the effort and were rewarded with over 60 fish in the net.  Landed several large rainbows over 20″….. Tiaan’s first day was a success I’d say, as he landed 36 fish and hooked or played many others that got off.  That’s a great day anywhere.  Fishing has been good the past week and today was no exception…..and as most of the week we had the water totally and COMPLETELY to ourselves.  Want to learn how to successfully fish in cold weather?  I can show you how….We have a good many openings coming up…let’s go fly fishing!   Here are some pics…


12-15-2017 FISHING REPORT – open/Available  1/2 day until 4pm for instruction or local trip

12-16-2016 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Greensboro, NC, another chilly day but pleasant because the wind was not blowing.  We arrived to upper 20s, lot of snow on the ground, water temp was 36F to start and didn’t warm a whole lot.  Temps made it to the low 40sF and we fished nymph rigs the entire time.  Large stones work well where we were so we used that and a variety of droppers from spawn sacs to eggs to smaller nymphs and caught fish on most everything.  A mix of browns and rainbows, had on or hooked briefly a very large brown that shook loose but did manage one large rainbow.  Probably 30 or so on the day, it was pleasant in terms of weather and enough fish to make it an enjoyable day.  So interesting though that its not winter yet and we have already had a solid month of winter already.  Fished til 430pm or so and called it a day.  Here are a few pics….







12-18-2017 FISHING REPORT – Unavailable, Jeff under the weather with a flu like bug, here’s a couple of great videos…..

12-19-2017 FISHING REPORT – Unavailable, Jeff under the weather with a flu like bug

12-20-2017 FISHING REPORT – unavailable

12-21-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Joe & Ian Craig, High Point, NC, we did a middle river float Big Springs to Rockhold and did well, caught a lot of fish throughout the float nymphing, several of which were quality browns in the 15 to 17″ size plus several very nice rainbows.  The fishing on the 1200 sluice has been phenomenal.  We also had lots of shots at rising fish the entire float, particularly the numerous slow pools along the float.  Caught some gorgeous browns that were all colored up….probably 30 fish or so in the boat, it was great.  Going to be a great winter here on this flow if it continues.  Here are a few pics….









12-22-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Robert Joseph Group, Raleigh, NC, NC Mtns, Steven Wall, Robert , and Dave joined me for a day of fishing in NC, it was mild, and got up to almost 60F …what a contrast with what it has been.  We nymph fished all day with nymph rigs, dropshotting and also double nymph rigs .  The guys put near 60 fish in net and all rainbows including one by Robert that was a rainbow over 20 inches.  Weather was great, skies were cloudy for most part, water  levels were still up from recent rain (still high) but clear which made for aggressive fish and great nymphing.   Got in late so an abbreviated report, going to be up late doing Christmas orders.  Here are a few pics..



12-23 to 12-27 FISHING REPORT – Merry Christmas, we will be working right up to 4pm Christmas eve, and can do any last minute gift certificates or requests….then I’ll be taking off through 12-27 to spend time with our son Ben who will be here from Wilmington.  We offer Gift Certificates via our website  here .  GCs can be for specific items or specific dollar amounts.

12-28 & 12-29-2017 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Anthony Hipps, Lexington NC, Paul Gruver, Raleigh, NC, TN South Holston float day one, wade day two, we caught fish despite the very cold temps….the float was fun even if it was frigid for a few hours to start, ice in the guides most of the day two…we did well given the weather putting about 25 fish in the boat, rainbows and browns, all nymphing even though midway through the float there were enough risers to warrant dry fly fishing.  We wade fished the second day and caught a bunch of fish nymphing early, probaby 30 or so, then had a bwo hatch and a sulphur flurry that got the fish up for about 3 hours.  Fun, dry fly fishing in late December in freezing temps….where else can you find that around here?  It will be that way all winter….and now is a great time to head over if you are interested.  Have something I have not had in a long time…OPENINGS.  The small streams are going to be frozen over, so the tailwater game will be where its at for the next week and a half with nighttime temps in the high country down near the 0 to 5F range.  The Soho and Watauga will fish just fine.  Here are a few pics…

12-30-2017 FISHING REPORT – unavailable

1-1-2018 FISHING REPORT – Happy New Year!

1-2-2018 FISHING REPORT – record cold region wide but there are still fishing opportunities available and we are still fishing!  Let’s go fly fishing

1-3-2018 FISHING REPORT – Snow to our west and east on Wednesday, east of us there was significant snow all the way down to the coast.  Deep freeze continues for the High Country, pretty much no fishing locally unless you are into bass as we are….Belews and its warm water discharge giving a water temp of 68F…bass feed on bait balls of shad….so if you are itching to fish that is one local option available to us.  Our son Ben, who lives in Wilmington, NC, got 5 inches there and a friend of my wife who lives in Va Beach got 10″.  Another deep shot of cold air coming on Thursday 1/4 and will remain cold through Sunday.  It will be early to mid next week before any sort of thaw takes place.  Wintry Mix to rain coming Sunday into Monday.

1-4-2018 FISHING REPORT – COLD.  Only way to put it.  Local bass and tailwaters in TN, South Holston and Watauga all fishing fine….except the South Holston, its fishing fantastic.  Don’t believe?  Lets go fly fishing and I’ll show you.

Here’s the forecast through the Friday to Sunday timeframe

Wind Chill Advisory issued January 04 at 10:43AM EST until January 05 at 12:00PM EST by NWS Blacksburg

…BITTER COLD WIND CHILLS AND STRONG WINDS THROUGH FRIDAY… .Arctic air will continue to invade the region on very strong northwest winds into Friday. Bitter and dangerous wind chills will occur across the entire area, with the coldest wind chills in the higher elevations. Strong winds will gust at times between 30 to 55 mph, especially along and west of the Blue Ridge this afternoon and tonight. …WIND CHILL ADVISORY REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL NOON EST FRIDAY… * WHAT…Very cold wind chills expected. The cold wind chills will cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin. Expect wind chills to range from 5 above zero to 15 below zero. Northwest winds of 15 to 30 mph, with gusts of 30 to 55 mph can be expected during this time. Bands of snow showers may result in up to an inch or two of snow in spots especially today and tonight with areas of blowing snow likely. * WHERE…Portions of southwest and west central Virginia, northwest North Carolina and southeast West Virginia. * WHEN…Until noon EST Friday. * ADDITIONAL DETAILS…The strong winds may blow down weak or dead trees which could result in power outages. The snow may also result in reduced visibilities at times as well as slick travel conditions into Friday. PRECAUTIONARY/PREPAREDNESS ACTIONS… A Wind Chill Advisory means that cold air and the wind will combine to create low wind chills. Frost bite and hypothermia can occur if precautions are not taken. Make sure you wear a hat and gloves.

On a funnier note…..here’s a great video

1-5-2018 FISHING REPORT – Deep freeze continues…..looks like two more days and we get a break, a mild up.  TN tailwaters are fishing great though…… Catching a lot of fish, few if any other folks…… we can do it.  Here’s a video of some of the past few weeks trips….snow, cold, bitter temps and winds…and rising fish….dry fly fishing in the middle of a frigid winter.  In some of the snowy parts of the clip you can see fish rising all over……and you can still get in on it.  I know where, when, how…… but you gotta go to get in on it.  Forget the Forecast, Mock the Weatherman, and Let’s go fly fishing!

1-6-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available

1-8-2018 FISHING REPORT – Big thaw starts today, today we have a Winter Weather Advisory, areawide, mostly because the ground is hard frozen and any precip (likely rain here) will freeze on contact.  So, after a brief (3pm to 1opm?) episode of freezing rain we’ll be above freezing and will stay that way for a while, even into the 60s by week’s end.  The thaw will take a few days due to the extent of the freeze and all the ice on the waters in the area.  After a cold spell like this you can count on a couple to three days to move the ice out…it all flows downhill, so things higher will improve sooner than those lower elevation spots.  Places like the New R will take a week or more to clear out, because all the ice from upsream eventually must make its way downstream and melt.   Tailwaters, like the Smith, Watauga, South Holston are always fishable though as they never freeze.  The dam prevents this.  They are all bottom release dams and with that they are always the warmest in winter of any of our rivers.  On the TN rivers you can usually always float, wade certain flows but floating right now is always an option.  During flows under 600cfs wading is an option.  What does that mean?  It means that there wasn’t a  time during the recent cold spell, nor any time during the coming thaw, nor beyond it that you couldn’t fish or can’t fish.  I say and reiterate that because we get calls and messages all the time about there being ‘nowhere to fish’.  Not true.  TN tailwaters are always fishable.

Here’s a killer video ….check it out

1-9-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  TN tailwaters fishable as well as a couple of bass waters locally

1-10-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  TN tailwaters fishable as well as a couple of bass waters locally

1-11-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  TN tailwaters fishable as well as a couple of bass waters locally

Here are some pics of some local waters during the cold wave.  Many are thawing but still frozen….this will remain so for several more days as we have had ice several inches thick on most waters….and many totally frozen across.  Here is a short clip from our friends Watauga Riverkeeper of the Watauga in Boone  click here .

Our son Ben who lives on the coast (Wilmington, NC) has been getting into some good fishing offshore. catching a lot of wahoo, tuna, kings, mahi mahi, etc.     I’m envious….


MAKING MOST OF TIME AND PREP FOR SPRING….Now is a great time to work on casting and other stuff if you aren’t fishing.  Here’s an outstanding video much worth your time, whether you’ve fished for decades or are new.

1-12-2018 FISHING REPORT – another bitter cold day in the hills……..big freeze up and some snow coming…

1-13-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Sarah Wrenn, Charlotte, NC, Ashley Young, Athens, GA, TN tailwaters our current availability /openings always listed here .  We had a really cold day, when I met Sarah and Ashley in Newland it was 11F with moderate snow and wind was clipping along at 25 to 35mph with gusts higher than that.  In other words, a delightful day to be outdoors in Newland.  We ended up heading over the TN line to the South Holston for the promise of balmier temps in the mid to upper 20sF.  It was cold, never above 25/26F, and we had ice in the guides immediately within a few casts.  Cast, drift, cast , drift, stop to crack ice out of guides.  We also had snow showers all day, a stiff 10-15 mph breeze most of the time,  and it only stopped snowing briefly a time or two.  We did manage to put 8 or 10 fish in the net though, and other than a boat we saw for 5 minutes there were zero other anglers on the river.  Nobody.  I felt great to have even caught a fish, so I guess you could definitely say we had a good day.  Sarah and Ashley had planned on the trip, and Ashley is moving out of the country, so it was fish today or miss the opportunity.  They were both troopers, and all in all it was a great day.  Catching some fish was a great bonus.  Here are some pics….



1-15-2018 FISHING REPORT – Happy MLK day, some pics from our son Ben and his crew’s (Capt Ben, Arlen Ash, and Capt Jon Huff) recent win at the annual captains and fishing guides tournament Striperfest 2018 …..satisfying in that there were a lot of older fellows /guides in it and its quite a feat to win something like that.  They took every category, largest fish, largest two fish aggregate, and most fish tagged.  Here are a few pics…

1-16-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  Another round of winter weather coming, light snow 1-3″ is what is in the forecast, starts early in the mtns and lasts through morning of 1-17.  Starts later in Piedmont and is done by afternoon 1-17.  How much we get will depend on how much moisture there is after the colder air arrives.  After this cold shot, lows Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday in single digits in the mtns….then a significant warmup.

1-17-2018 FISHING REPORT – Unavailable… our current availability /openings always listed here .  Winter Storm…no fishing today….area wide.  Snow heavy enough to warrant staying here…. wont hear me say that often.  This one took the weather folks by surprise.

1-18-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  Here’s a report from 1-16

Another shot of cold and another big snow event that took all the weather folks by surprise.  I had a feeling it was going to be a big one, it developed the way those always do, tons of artic air blowing in from the NW….a Low situated over the Ohio Valley….all moving to us and then another low forming just SE of Charlotte.  What does that mean?  Plenty of cold air in place, an already frozen ground, and lots of moisture to work with.  Snow.  Lots more than forecast.  Which is great for our water levels everywhere…..even if it squelches some fishing plans here and there.  We ended up with close to a foot, 8 to 9 inches more than what they were calling for.  I had a brief window of a few hours on Tuesday (1/16) before the winter storm hit in which to get out and do a bit of local fishing at one of our lakes.  One favorite spot in winter offers shots at sightfishing cruising largemouths, lots of them, as they bust bait balls of shad.  I tie some special flies and 90 degree jigflies for this fishing and they are sometimes lethal on these fish.

Sometimes I catch fish up near the top, on top, sometimes deep….but often times you can see fish as they are cruising around waiting for the right moment to ambush the balls of cruising shad.  Its a hoot…..especially in my own backyard practically and in any kind of weather.

The fish do this every winter.  This particular lake has a warm water discharge from Duke Energy’s power station so the water in the main lake is absolute gin clear (you can see down 20ft) and its in the upper 60sF to around 70F…balmy for mid January.  I like to fish where one of the main creeks enters the lake …..and the water is a little turbid or dingy.  Where that stained and cold 37-40F water meets the main lake the shad hang out and hide in the turbidity while the largemouths cruise the mixing area where the bait is.  Some times you’ll have eruptions on the surface with shad….and largemouths…some up to 6lbs going in all directions.  Not a bad plan ‘B’ for fishing if things are nasty up the hill in the mtns.

Looks like the thaw happens slowly today.  With lows in the single digits last night and teens in the nights to come it will take a few days to get rid of the snow and ice.  River flows will be great in the high country and improving conditions and good fishing to come.  Will it be by Friday or Saturday?  I’d doubt it because its still so cold at night so the thaw will take a few days but certainly by Monday I’d say yes.  Gotta go to know.

Our tailwaters do and will continue to be a good place to fish til then, after then, always.  Period.  Here are some pics of Tuesday

1-19-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .  Major thaw is underway, mtns are seeing a temp inversion, common with mild ups like this, that is some mtn tops are warmer than the valleys.  One thing we’ll end up with is some good water levels ….some rain in the picture for Monday/Monday pm…that will help as well.  Good fishing ahead

1-20-2018 FISHING REPORT– Open/Available… our current availability /openings always listed here .

1-22-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available …our current availability /openings always listed here .

1-23-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available …our current availability /openings always listed here .

1-24-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available…our current availability /openings always listed here .

1-26-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available ….our current availability /openings always listed here .

1-27-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/Available ….our current availability /openings always listed here .


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