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  •   This is the most popular page of our site, it is a Fishing Reports page with the conditions we found, the fishing we had, and includes a summary of the action plus any photographs we take on the trip. Perhaps the most popular page on our site with tons of clicks daily it is a resource and a place to feature the most important part of our business – -you the customer.


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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 February- March 2020  FISHING REPORTS

2-1-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters, We started really early, I met Ted who was returning from two days fishing in Arkansas on the Norfork and Little Red Rivers where he used some of my custom streamers to great results…..we met early for a South Holston float and the sections of river that have been closed for three months reopened today.  It was a Saturday also which I knew would make it necessary to get an early start.  We had surprisingly light boat traffic, and we caught a lot of fish, probably 60 or so, which made it a great day….plus several real quality fish.  We had a split schedule so that forced us to remain on the move, nymphing and streamer fishing, with the generators running until noon that gave us a perfect schedule to do the upper 11 miles.  We could have caught a bunch on dries also, as there were blue winged olives hatching and tons of rising fish.  But we stuck with what we were doing and still did well.  We had a dry chilly morning but showery by just before lunch and it rained on an off the rest of the day arriving at our takeout and finishing up around 415pm.  Great day, fishing is outstanding…..no need to wait til spring to get into some great fishing…..Here are some pics and a video from Saturday….

2-3-2020 FISHING REPORT2-5-2020 FISHING REPORT – busy filling some fly orders as well as site updates here and there.  This time of year if I have an off day Im either fishing, doing the fly game, boat and equipment maintenance, etc.  Never a time where “there’s just nothing to do.”  Have been tying and fishing a lot of one of my favorite fly patterns and the one that I probably sell more than any fly I tie…..the Dead Squirrel.  Will post a short clip today of the tying steps sequence and maybe a recipe also.

2-6-2020 FISHING REPORT – No fishing today, heavy rain /storms/ tornado warnings kept the ship in harbor today……pretty much everything blown out today……

2-7-2020 FISHING REPORT – No fishing today, flooding conditions……. will be finishing up some flies

2-8-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Greensboro, NC, ppd rescheduled to 3/17.  Muddy high water conditions in Mtns from recent rains but things are starting to clear out.  Some high up waters you could fish, not easily, but you could do it if you were desperate.  The highest elevation waters tend to be the coldest though, and present some opportunity during high water as they are the first to clear out….but the water is cold and fishing is somewhat limited by that.  I spent the morning with a friend from church scouting some local spots , we normally do really well on bass locally this time of year, particularly spotted bass….but we had water conditions that were very muddy and fish and bait balls, which they are normally feeding on, were very scattered….as were the fish.  Fun anyway though, got to play with a new Tohatsu 4 stoke outboard motor and it pushes the drift skiff pretty good.

2-10-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Edwin Stott, Burlington, NC, ppd more rains and giving water an extra day or two to clear up.  There’s still plenty of opportunity though, tailwaters will fish fine during this weather wackiness….this isn’t unusual, winter is always a wetter season…..there isn’t anything unusual, bad, off, past the normal….whatever adjectives you want to use…this is normal stuff for this time of the year.  Yes, flooding.  It is a normal thing, a normal occurence, always happens, serves a purpose, does positive even though it is portrayed as negative.  Nope.  Plus, we can still catch fish…to boot.  But like I usually say, don’t take my word for it make me prove it.  Let’s go flyfishing!

Working on presentation for tomorrow night’s Nat Greene Fly Fisher’s monthly meeting….

Also worked on design of a piece of artwork of one of my flies for a friend /client/restaurant owner ….. here is the fly and the artwork…. they are planning on using it on some of their packaging….

Also just got in a couple of new stickers, something clients ask about often.  We are going to be offering more and more of these as times go on….. here are two most recent ones…..one silver holographic logo and one with a mountain logo

2-11-2020 FISHING REPORT – Spoke  at Nat Greene Fly Fisher’s Monthly meeting and did a presentation dropping some knowledge on NC Fishing/DH Fishing Opportunities…… Fantastic turnout, great fellowship, saw a lot of longtime friends and met some new ones….. great night indeed.

2-12-2020 FISHING REPORT – working on a ton of stuff today including some stuff for some upcoming trips, fly fishing schools, fly tying events , and a presentation I’ll be doing on March 3, 2020 on NC Fishing opportunities for the Dogwood Chapter Trout Unlimited in Statesville, NC, hosted and promoted by Carolina Mountain Sports Ltd, in Statesville, NC.  Pay Richard Griggs and his staff a visit if you are in the area.


2-13-2020 FISHING REPORT – working on some upcoming stuff, its been wet for sure as it continues to rain but there are still opportunities out there.  Here’s a quick video clip….

A quick video with my $0.02 on how to cope with this wet weather…..essentially its a message of “Deal With It’

2-14-2020 FISHING REPORT – Happy Valentine’s Day

2-15-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike Workman, Thomasville,NC, TN float trip, met Mike early and we were in the water by 845am or so……..it was cold, teens overnight near the river and still cold most of the day…cold n breezy at times.  We spent most of the day nymph fishing and that proved to be the most effective fishing by far ….not surprising its a mainstay on our floats because fish are almost always catchable nymphing as compared to other stuff.  We did pretty well, netting about 30 or so….pretty good stuff with the river flows pushed up to 3000 plus CFS.  Still had a good day though, not many places the past several days you could fish and catch numbers of fish.  So it was a great day…..we had great morning and midday fishing…..a lull mid afternoon, then strong finish catching several fish right up to takeout.  Here are some pics…

Below are two videos from float with Mike, first one is the early part of the day…..second one is late in the day.  We had great fishing through early afternoon, then a lull midafternoon, then things picked up again end of the day and we finished good.  Great day though….

2-17-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Kevin Gheen, Clemmons, NC, NC Mtns, met Kevin bright and early and we were on the water around 8am …. it was cold, water was high but dropping and the water was clearing…on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being muddy and 10 clear it was a solid 7 or 8.  Actually it was perfect color wise….and the level was ok also….it was high yes but we normally do well nymphing and streamer fishing…plus there were actually bugs coming off….small bwos size 20, small , tiny winter black stoneflies in size 18…plus some dun caddis.  Fish were chewing…..Kevin joined me for some double rig nymphing….  first few spots yielded some strikes and two hookups but both fish came off.  We hit another stretch of water and landed the first fish, and by mid morning the fish had started to move and become active….and then the catching began.  We fished through several spots that produce on high water and they did just that.  We caught several the next spot, several that came unbuttoned.  We hit one really good spot where we caught 6 or 7 fish, several of which were nice rainbows and one wild rainbow and one wild brown trout.  We also hooked a large rainbow….18-19″ fish, that came off shortly after hookup.  We hit one more spot and hooked up on two fish, one a large fish (18-19″ ish) , which looked like a larger wild brown, but it came off.  We then reeled in and decided it was time for lunch, as it was 130pm, later than what we thought.  We had a quick sit down lunch…… pub fries and a grilled meatloaf sandwich on toasted Texas toast…..delicious, man it was great.  We hit one more stretch of water and had several other fish on, landed two more fish, and finished with 15 fish.  We had a lot of strikes, and a bunch of fish hooked up that came off.  So a good bit of action and enough for a pretty good day.  Water has been high yes, dirty yes, and yes we have had a ton of rain.  But we are still catching fish, both float and wade trips…… the weather has not ended that.  We have worked with it, and around it….and been out in it as well.  There hasn’t been a time when we have been out and not caught fish sufficient to have a good day.  A lot of misinformation out there, or lack of information….. if you are tired of dealing with this weather and want to catch fish …..and get out on the water…..let’s go fly fishing.  I can put you on some fish…… the pictures I posted today were from a place that is typically one of the tougher places to deal with high , colored water.  If its fishable, and producing fish, most places are.  Or they are able to.  FACT  Here are some pics of our day….

2-18-2020 FISHING REPORT – playing catch up after several days of trips /travel.  Busy doing our site updates, uploading stuff for edits, etc., and doing our favorite thing of all….taxes…… ahh the joy of doing taxes and then sending off the dough.

On a different note, upcoming Tailwater Roundup on Mar 7, 2020…..

2-19-2020 FISHING REPORT – already a busy pre Spring time, our fly fishing classes/schools are sold out and its barely mid February, don’t know if I have ever experienced that.  14 in one and 12 in another, gonna be some great times ahead.  Our March 14 class that I am doing in conjunction with our friends at Great Outdoor Provision Co in Greensboro, NC at Haw River State Park is SOLD OUT….

Our calendar is quickly filling up as well, March is about 75% booked, April 30%, and May 50%, and I suspect they will be full in the coming weeks.  If fishing is in your plans and you want to fish in the next three months now is the time to do it…..

Looks like the mtns and Piedmont could be getting some snow tomorrow into Friday.  Plenty of cold air will be in place, the northern fringe of the area will get only light stuff as they are on the fringe of the swath of moisture but the Piedmont and SE NC and to the Coastal plain could see more than that.

2-20-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Edwin Stott, Burlington, NC, NC mtns, we were fishing way west and with the icy road conditions we rescheduled to next Friday 2/28.  I did poke around a bit though, and fished two different waters just playing around a bit….caught fish both places…2 rainbows the first stop and 10 rainbows the second.  Playing around with some rigs and rigging and flies….great to get some time to experiment.  Second water I fished I hooked up on and lost a 19-20″ rainbow that I played for 30 seconds only to have the fly pull loose and the fish sink back into the depths.  A good fish…… used a variety of flies…..all of which worked.  Here are some pics…..including some videos to follow…


Here are two shots, first is a screenshot (10:27am”) from my iPhone of the ACCUweather (oxymoron) Weather App this morning, and right below it is a picture real time photo taken same time (10:27am)  ….I was right in the middle of the snow area and yet it was like this for several hours …radar showing this and never one flake fell from the sky. No rain or snow.  Nothing.   It did begin to snow hours later, but for hours the radar was showing this and nothing on the ground or falling.  That’s why I always say you can never trust a weather app if you need to know weather related stuff for sure…… here is proof for the ten thousandth time…..lol

2-21-2020 FISHING REPORT – will be filling some guide box holes (flies), plus ordering some gear items for upcoming trips.  Probably do a bit of truck and boat regular maintenance as well before March rolls in.  Things are looking really busy for the next few months…..looks great can’t wait.

2-22-2020 FISHING REPORT – will be taking off as my son Ben is coming from Wilmington, NC and is supposed to be here for a couple of days .

Nat Greene Fly Fishers Banquet is today, Sat Feb 22, 2020…..we are donating a trip (can be wade or float)

2-25-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak , Summerville, SC, TN float….met Ted early and we floated over 14 miles of the big water and had a banner day…..started off really mild, you could have fished in long sleeve shirt as it hit 60F, calm, zero wind….it was great.  A little bit slow to start, caught some smaller fish, but things picked up nicely and it ended up being a great day.  Probably put 60-70 fish in the boat….Ted always brings an ‘A’ game for sure…..it was great.  We caught some nicer fish too, several quality browns in the 20-22/23″ range.  Fished our way to takeout and took the boat out in the dark.  Post spawn pre spring fishing is on the go…..spring is just around the corner and the fish have the feedbags on and the larger fish will be putting on pounds lost during the rigors of the spawn.  Here are some pics….

2-26-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Curtis Reeves, Archdale , NC, TN float trip, we did a float on the lower Holston…..took a day to do a trip with longtime friend and client Curtis, and we tried several new things on today’s float….some of them new techniques, some new flies, and it was an R & D trip so to speak.  Trying out some new rods from the boat, some new fly patterns, rigs, etc. … We caught some nice fish on lower river before the weather turned sour…..wind….gusty winds….. and had a huge rainbow on, one of the largest rainbows ever hooked up from my boat on the Holston…looked like a two footer….come unbuttoned a few feet from the boat.  Our last hour was rough…..wind , rain, and temps dropping precipitously….and changeover to snow.  Here are some pics….

2-27-2020 FISHING REPORT -website edits in progress, catching up on a pile of stuff after a few days on the water….. plus the High country got snow last night and this morning…..including high winds up to 50mph+ and temps in the low 20s.  Round 2 of snow showers comes early Friday…..with mild weather returning late weekend /Monday.

2-28-2020 FISHING REPORT – Snow returns again to the high country, Round 2 of today with another 1″ to 3″ and breezy brrrrrrrr

2-29-2020 FISHING REPORT – Hatchery Supported Waters close end of day today for stocking and will be closed until Sat Apr 4 when they will reopen to fishing for the traditional stocked trout “Opening Day”.  These waters are not delayed harvest water and delayed harvest water is stocked but not classified as Hatchery Supported.  HS waters are closed the month of March, Delayed Harvest waters are not.

3-2-2020 FISHING REPORTPRIME FISHING TIME IS HERE AND WE ARE BOOKING UP QUICKLY, OUR MARCH IS ALMOST COMPLETELY FULL, APRIL WILL BE IN ANOTHER WEEK AND MAY WILL BE NEXT!  Those wanting to fish our dates in the three months ahead are disappearing daily, often booking several trips per day.  Let’s go fishing!

Don’t forget we offer every month a FREE printable Hatch Chart for the month.  THis month’s hatch chart is now available, that can always be found on our THIS MONTH’S FLY BOX PAGE here.

Warmer weather has returned and the next several days look showery but not overly wet……March is one of our best months and those who fish it understand why.  Numbers, large fish, wade, float, you name it its all good.  One last good chance to have lights out fishing before everyone is out and about when the weather is warm and nice.

DH Harvest Waters (marked by black and white signs below) receive their first spring stocking today and stocking will continue through mid March until all waters in the program are stocked.  Delayed Harvest waters are always open to fishing, but only open to harvest from the first Sat in June until the last day of September.  Oct 1 they revert back to catch and release and will be Catch/Release until the first Sat in June.


We can also help you with shad and stripers on the Roanoke this spring.  We have guides who do this, one such person, and personally our favorite, is Capt Jud Brock.  As many of you know, Capt Jud and my son (Capt Ben) go way back and are longtime friends and at one time shared the fishiest house on the coast….. In any case, we have some dates available for this and they are April 25-30 and May 11-15.  If you are interested contact Capt Jud directly …call or text…at (910) 660-9631 or email at judbrock12@gmail.com or via his contact website page here,  His Guide Service is cally Muddy Fly Guide Service

3-3-2020 FISHING REPORT – NC FlyFishing :  DH Trout Streams of NC presentation for Dogwood Anglers Trout Unlimited Chapter , Statesville , NC, nice evening , great turnout, enjoyed an evening doing a presentation on NC trout fishing opportunities…

3-4-2020 FISHING REPORT – will be doing a Fly Tying Class from 6p-8pm for our friends at Great Outdoor Provision Company in Greensboro, tied several basic flies demonstrating the basic skills needed to tie two basic patterns…

3-5-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Paul Wagner, Madison, NC, Pete Bromley, Reidsville, NC, Dunlap Creek, Escatawba Farms ,VA,.had a banner day with Paul and Pete, we started mid morning on what would turn out to be a dry and cool/mild cloudy day.  We caught a bunch of fish nymphing the first few hours , mostly double rigs with a point fly and a small, dark dropper/trailer  this worked well til late morning /midday we got a hatch of black stoneflies and proceeded to “whack em good’ on dry flies…one of my favorite techniques is to use a double dry and alternate between dead drift presentations and skittering/skating /twitching the flies.  We would use this to put a ton of fish in the net.  We caught fish most of the day and finished strong at the end with a pile of fish on dries….it was great.  I’d say the last two hours was as good a small stream dry fly fishing as I have had with a client in as long as I can remember.  It was outstanding.  Probably landed 40 or so up to 22″….a mix of browns and rainbows.  I got in late so this report is short…..be at it early again in the morning.  Here are a few pics…..

3-6-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guide Trip, Dr Ed Moser, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, met up with Ed bright and early and we had some great coffee then out for some great fishing.  I knew what likely was ahead was great fishing mixed with some snow and high winds and cold temperatures.  Today was the perfect example of why we don’t cancel trips due to normal seasonal weather…..in other words, if its not severe weather preventing us from travel to the stream or conditions so bad (high muddy water/unsafe to wade or a frozen iced over river) that its unsafe to fish we are fishing.  Ed stuck with the game plan and toughted it out and was rewarded with a phenomenal day….we fished in horizontal snow showers much of the day.  It was cold, temps in the 30s……breezy, even windy at times….snow blowing around.   And for all those adjectives I left one out…normal.  That is normal weather.  The fishing we experienced today was not unusual, exceptional, or otherwise…..it was….for this time of the year……Normal.  We fished double nymph rigs as the water was up….and we had a phenomenal nymph bite.  Ed , in his second time ever fly fishing , put over 40 fish in the net up to 22-23″…a grand slam also, brookies, browns, and rainbows, with the largest being a 22-23″ rainbow.  Excellent.  A great day, and again, yet another example of why we don’t cancel just because the weather was less than perfect.  Actually it was perfect.  Perfect for great fishing….but don’t take it from me ask Ed…..!  We fished two different waters, did well on both, and for the most part had the place to ourselves.  Fishing is great folks…..time to set up a day if you want to fish as our March is nearly full and soon April and May will be as well.  Here are some pics….

3-7-2020 FISHING REPORT – Fly Fishing Class Poplar Ridge, class is full, 14 students, great turnout, Nick Todd, Aric Johnson, Chad Stevens, Holly Stevens, Arlyn Wall, Brian Stevens, Randy Koons, Marc Tyrey, Gray Tyrey, Sam Collier, Jeannie Farlow, Nathan Farlow, Ray Absher, great class and we covered the gamut of casting, knot tying, reading water, fishing, and more.  We had great weather unlike last year, and even finished up the class with catching several bass…..great day

Also the 2020 Tailwater Roundup will be held on the South Holston and Watauga Rivers……

3-9-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Pat Burney, Greensboro, NC, NC mtns, we did a full day wade trip and it was mighty chilly to start, high 20s but it would eventually get up to the upper 50sF so it felt like a spring day.  We were in the water and fishing before 830am and we did well from the start.  That is normal stuff for March, fish were on right from the start and Pat wasted no time in hooking up….first cast in fact.  First stretch we fished yielded a brookie double, two fish on a double nymph rig, Pat landed both….and then proceeded to put probably a dozen fish in the net…rainbows and brookies.  We fished a couple other runs then headed on a hike through the brush and downstream to some more spots I knew held fish, one that held a trophy.  And it wasn’t long until Pat was hooked up… to the trophy….a small stream wild brown trout of about 20″….a magnificent specimen, one of the many wild fish like this we encounter from late fall through mid spring.  It was a stud.  After some pics we released the fish.  Then did a repeat on several spots, Pat landing several nice fish from each seam, ledge, run, hole I pointed out.  We finally stopped around 2pm for lunch streamside and Pat had landed about 50 fish to that point.    We ended up fishing several more spots and putting a few more in the net before calling it a day around 4pm.  Great day….water is in perfect shape….44-46F…..perfect level for nymph and streamer fishing, in fact you won’t find better…..and the fish have the feedbags on.  Going to be some great stuff in the coming month.  Here are some pics of our day….

3-10-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Paul Wagner, Madison, NC, NC Mtns, met up with Paul really early and we fished two waters…..and fishing was excellent as it has been all week.  Water temps low to mid 40s….meaning bugs are starting and places where they haven’t they are imminent…..with conditions things are getting ready to break wide open with regard to hatching bugs and dry flies.  Barring any heavy rains great fishing on top awaits those who love to do do.  For the nymph and streamer fishing, a great bounty will be yours for the coming months as we have conditions about as perfect as they get.  Paul enjoyed that, we had some rain early, very light, and of no consequence as far as runoff or water conditions, and we caught about 40 fish up to 16-17″ on our first water we fished…caught them on double nymph rigs…and saw a massive blizzard cloud of caddis in a number of places, another key indicator of dry fly game coming…..they are normally a great harbinger of what is to come.  As the water drops , and if we can avoid any of those super blow out rains, things are setting up for some great topwater action.  Plenty of bugs, fish ready to eat, and perfect conditions all mean great stuff.  Paul and I had a quick shore lunch, topped off with my favorite dessert Brownie Brittle….it was all great.  We then hit another stream on our way out and caught another 20 fish or so, giving him a roughly 60 fish day….and got the two best fish of the day, two rainbows, one of which was an 18-19″ fish that gave a great account of itself and impressed us with a three or four nice jumps one of which was 4 feet in the air.  Fought like the dickens but Paul brought the fish to net like a master.  Paul used to guide for an Orvis shop in Montana for many years and is a great angler….great to fish with him as he can get it done.  Fun day, we left under light showers and a broken (sun/cloudy) sky but left very fulfilled from a fine day outside in God’s amazing creation and caught enough fish Paul’s shoulder got a workout.  IT was great.  Here are some pics….

3-11-2020 FISHING REPORT – evening FLY TYING EVENT AT Great Outdoor Provision Company 6pm to 8pm at Greensboro store, nice evening of fly tying…..here are a few pics…


3-12-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Terry Massagee, Greensboro, NC, NC Mtns, Terry and I did a red eye trip getting on the water at sunup….knowing with a 70 degree day we could see other folks on the water, since it was the first nice, sunny, windless 70F day we’ve had in a very long time.  Little to no wind to boot.  We did ok fishing two different waters…..first water we fished we landed a handful of fish on double nymph rigs , fish were tougher than they have been in past few days but we still got it done putting several nice fish up to 16-17″ in the net, the best being a rainbow.  We started to see more folks, then decided to do a shore lunch and head somewhere else more remote where I knew we could find some fish and some solace and solitude.  It was great, Terry put around 30 fish in the net here and we caught a good mix of wild fish and stockers.  Even had a spell in the afternoon where we caught some of the wild fish on dries  which was great.  Several nice wild browns and some small browns and rainbows indicating that natural reproduction is indeed occurring here.  One of the rainbows was a nice, creek rocket of a fish that leaped several times giving a great account of itself.  We called it a day around 6pm having just caught a ton of fish the last stretch we fished.  It was a great day and here are a few pics….

3-13-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Colt Wallace, High Point, NC, NC Mtns, postponed due to high water, some pics from our tying class on Wednesday night….great fun, photos from Rebekah Robinson at Great Outdoor Provision Co

3-14-2020 FISHING REPORT – Fly Fishing School, our class done in conjunction with our friends at Great Outdoor Provision Company and held at Haw River State Park…..class is FULL for third straight time…. great time doing a fly fishing 101 class which we still had and still had a great turnout (full) even with all the craziness with the “virus” stuff….  Our class made a great day of social distancing with a fly rod in hand and tying knots, learning about flies, rigs, reading water, gear, assembling gear, places to fish, casting, and some fishing time.  It was a good class and we finished up with a couple hours of fishing and caught a bunch of crappies…..it was a great day and a great class….. our next class like this is scheduled for Saturday Oct 10, 2020.


Here are some videos from last week in the snow….. fishing with client Ed Moser…..

3-16-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Todd Purgason, Reidsville, NC, 2 angler NC trip, did a wade fishing trip with Todd and his son Noah and we had a banner day….fished two different waters and had some great nymph fishing.  It was chilly, damp, drizzly….or rather….perfect fishing weather.  It was fantastic.  We caught all our fish on double nymph rigs……the water temps remain in the mid to upper 40s and the water levels, with just a touch of rain, have been maintained to near perfect levels.  Fishing and conditions remain great.  Today was cool for many reasons, as Todd and Noah caught their first fish fly fishing today.  Landed a bunch, and some quality ones too.  Been running with all the craziness but man we are fishing hard…some pics of our day…


3-17-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Jim Kramer, Greensboro, NC, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwater float, the first half of the day was absolutely epic.  The two largest fish so far of 2020for us  were landed, one of them the largest wild brown trout I have ever personally held in my hands.  We did a full float of the South Holston, and we had great fishing to start, and midday was good, pretty solid til mid afternoon and then last few hours of the day was slower.  But man, the other 3/4 of the day it was game on.  Id say all total we put close to 75 fish in the boat.  Jim landed the first large fish…..one of the studs….a 28″ brown that gave a good account of itself, and shortly thereafter Ted put the largest brown trout I have ever had my hands on and the first legit 3 footer I have ever had in my boat.  The fish put up an epic fight, and after a 10 minute battle that large fish was in the net.  There were screams, hoots, and hollers, and high fives and it could be heard all over Appalachia.  I was shaking…. Ted is my most regular client, and the past several years we have spent hundreds of hours, good weather and bad, early and late, fishing sun up til sundown, tens of thousands of casts and I can’t believe all the large fish we have put in the net and boat over the past 6 years since he became a client.  Literally hundreds of 20 inch fish…..and some in the low 30s- 30 inch category….but this one topped them all.  With length and girth probably 15-16lbs as far as weight….tail was as large as the barrel of a baseball bat.  That sort of tempered the rest of the day and we caught a lot of fish after that but none like this one.  And some very nice fish too…..those piddly 15-18″ fish you know (Im kidding of course but that is the way it felt).  In keeping with what we normally do, we reached out takeout at dusk, and trailered the boat in the dark.  Epic day, and here are the pics of our day…..sorry it took a day extra my phone was heavy from the pictures of two of the fish, they were that large…..lol

3-18-2020 FISHING REPORT – fishing is red hot folks….. having some great days the past week, have some epic photos to post of two ginormous browns caught on our 3-17 float trip….. will be posting 3-16 and 3-17 trip pics today….

3-19-2020 FISHING REPORT – finishing up some flies for upcoming trips…..as well as planning for future trips

3-21-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Alex Craddock, Bob Stanford, Greensboro, NC, postponed muddy cond where we were fishing

3-23-2020 FISHING REPORT – doing orders for flies and other stuff….plenty of web edits

3-24-2020 FISHING REPORT – working on some online content to give our clients some stuff to peruse , getting some time in between trips to do this.

3-26-2020 FISHING REPORT – Conditions are improving after the heavy rains of Tuesday and early Wed…still high most everywhere but coming down.  Fishing continues to be excellent….. in all respects.  We have been following the COVID 19 and offering updates regularly.  We are monitoring this daily and will continue to do so.


3-27-2020 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Alex Craddock , Bob Stanford, NC, TN tailwaters, redo from Tuesday 3-24, met the guys bright and early and we did a full day float, 11mi and caught fish everyway you can…..dries, nymphs, wets/soft hackles and streamers.  Caught a lot of fish, probably 40-50, including some good ones…..also fished the first sulphur hatch of the year.  Nice day weather wise, temps in the mid 70s and no wind, it was actually kind of hot to be right on it.  Great day catching fish social distancing……it was great to be on the water during these times of turmoil.  Here are some pics….