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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 June & July  2019  FISHING REPORTS

WYOMING 2019 ….Our Wyoming summer trips are full….we are fully booked for Aug 10-17, 2019 and Aug 17-24, 2019…… , bookings have been over the top on all trips for 2019 so far.  I am already taking reservations for Wyoming 2020, never too early to get your name in the hat so to speak….. normally there are some repeat clients every year speaking to the quality trip that it is, the food, fellowship, true wilderness trout fishing the way it “used to be”….. in a very wild and remote place.  Given there are repeats almost every season I anticipate 2020 will fill quickly.  Never too early to starting planning for it!  Would love to have you join us!

Client Ted Linczak, a repeat WY trip participant, with one of many browns, rainbows, cutthroats from last year’s trip. This brown was from the East Fork and slammed one of my black Skullhead streamers.


6-3-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Greg Bowers, Rick Pinto, Greensboro, TN tailwaters, low water float trip, met Greg and Rick mid morning and we decided to start later and fish later, which paid off in dry fly fishing…..we caught some fish early nymphing but soon put up that stuff and worked on rising fish, and we ended up fishing to rising the rest of the day as we got a good sulphur hatch and fished one, then moved down river where I knew we would get round two in terms of sulphurs and that is exactly what we got.  We caught a bunch, and it was Rick’s first time and he did well, scoring a number of browns and rainbows first on nymphs then on dry flies.  Caught double digits for the day, and Greg worked them over pretty good.  I don’t know how many he landed but I quickly lost count.  IT was a lot.  We ended up fishing late, pulling out right at dusk.  Great day, had one of the best most of the day dry fly outings in some time.  Here are a few pics…

6-4-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Peter Spirito, Hickory , NC, Dunlap Cr private water….left after my Monday trip and made it just up the road before I had an issue with a driver’s side trailer bearing….ended up doing me in for the night.  Fortunately I limped to the Ramada Inn by 2am and got a room and got up and dealt with repairing it.  Forced me to cancel today

6-5-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, TN tailwaters, met up bright and early with Ted we decided to do a wade trip today and target some large fish to start on foot and then fish the sulphur hatch later in the day.  We had cooler temps and a dry hour to start, then it rained pretty steady, moderate to hard showers most of the day.  It finally stopped around 6pm so we had quite a bit of rain, all of it needed.  Things have been really dry for weeks so we aren’t complaining.  We had good fishing to start, all nymphing at first and we nailed some very nice fish, browns and rainbows, some over 20″.  We caught a good many fish to start with that, then moved to another area and nymphed up a few nice fish.  Saw a 30lb plus striper that briefly showed himself, along with one other smaller one of about 20lbs.  Right after that we saw a large brown surface, taking something off the top.  I rigged up Ted with a dry and a few casts later and a good fight later a 20 plus inch brown lay in my net.  All large fish were landed on 6X as well which is something that takes patience, skill, and things going right.  We ended up catching several quality fish on dries there, all amid a near constant downpour.  We had a quick shore lunch, then headed to another spot for the afternoon and evening.  We got in, started to see a few rising fish, then just like on previous weeks’ boat trips we picked apart spots that have held a lot of fish.  We had about 4 hours of non stop dry fly fishing, putting about 75 or so in the net….all on dry flies.  It was great.  We also got a break in the rain, then it became really foggy.  By 8pm the fish stopped rising somewhat, and clouds of spinners were forming in places.  But Ted had had his fill, and we called it a day.  Great day though, the fishing has been phenomenal and should continue to be.  Busy past 6 weeks, this is first detailed report in some time.  Loads of messages to catch up on, hopefully with a big rain coming I’ll get an opportunity to catch up.  Whew, its badly needed!   Here are some photos of our day….

6-10-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Pat Burney, Greensboro, NC, ppd flooding where we were doing our trip, incredible flooding across much of the NW mtns, NC/TN border, SW Virginia, but Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Ashe, Wilkes, Caldwell Counties definitely got the bulk of the wet stuff…..over a foot of rain in 2.5 days for several locations, and generally 5 to 9 inch totals common areawide.  Oh well, makes me second guess saying we needed rain the few times I said that last week.  Things are clearing out though….

6-11-2019 through 6-13-2019  FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linzcak, Summerville, SC, Bob Schwirzke, Fayetteville, NC, TN tailwaters, we had some very unusual weather but excellent fishing in all of it….nice and sunny to quite chilly with two fronts passing through in two days…..windy, chilly, heavy downpours, sun, clouds, partly sunny, everything down to 45F except snow or ice.  Fishing was good though, we did two floats each day, subsurface stuff in the morning til around early afternoon, then dry fly fishing pretty much til dark.  Over 2 and 1/2 days probably close to 225 fish in the boat.  Streamers, nymphs, wet flies, dries, we did everything and caught fish on all.  The upper South Holston is churning out a great sulphur hatch on high and low flows, and is strong enough right now to be strongly considered as the main event …We took part in it three times over three afternoons and evenings and were not disappointed.  Caught some large fish both mornings chucking meat.  Great flows on the South Holston past few days….Watauga has been high from high releases due to recent rains on the NC side where up to 15″ of rain fell last week.  That will improve though with several dry days and soon they’ll be back to that half and half schedule….low water til midday or shortly thereafter then rec releases from the dam giving high water to float out on in the afternoon.   Fishing is good though, June and July going to be great…time to get in on it if you want to dry fly fish as my dates are going quickly now that we are in the thick of it.  Here are some pics….

6-14-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Adam & Jonah Norris, Boone, NC,  1/2 day Float TN Tailwaters, Adam took the short jaunt over the mtn from Boone to join me for a half day…we streamer fished the entire time, the weather was glorious about as perfect as perfect gets.  Fishing was slower today than in days past but we still caught a decent number of fish, the best or largest one being a rainbow which isn’t often the case.  We also caught some browns as well, but a great day to be on the river for sure.  Adam and Jonah always great to spend a day with, some of the finest clients/friends I could ask for.  Here are a few pics from our short day….

6-17-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Jim Noble, Charlotte, NC, Larry Pritchett, Beech Mtn, NC, TN tailwaters, met Larry and Jim late morning with the goal of an all day dry fly trip on the South Holston …and that is exactly what we got.  We put the boat in around 1030am and never bobber fished at all.  Dries and swinging emergers as the first risers showed themselves at 11 or so and we had on and off rising fish all day long.  I did not keep count of fish caught but I’d say we had close to 60 or 70 which is a bunch of fish on dry flies.  I have been experimenting with some new sulphur emerger styles /damp flies and they worked like a charm.  Great day with two longtime clients….here are some pics…

6-20 and 6-21-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, David & Adam Carter, Greensboro, NC, Tn Tailwaters, we did a two day trip, and with all the rain and a desire to fish dry flies we headed to the South Holston, we had flows of 1100 to start and TVA upped the flow to 1500 which put the hatch later than it has been so far this year.  It was still good though, we fished both days nymphing early to start.  It was Adam’s first boat trip, the first day we caught a pile of fish on a variety of different stuff.  It was great, and that was all amidst all day on and off downpours.  We had a heavy hatch midafternoon and caught fish on dries pretty good for several hours.  We put probably 60 or more in the boat.  It was great, a mix of rainbows and browns up to 16″.  We had heavy rains overnight and a lot of the lower most river was really dirty, so we did the upper river.  The overnight heavy rains pushing ahead of the cold front marked the last day hopefully for a while where we’d get heavy rain…..the front also ushered in some pretty stiff NW winds.  We still caught a good many fish, many of them on dries and wet flies/soft hackles.  The second day the guys needed to quit a little early so we called it quits around 330pm and got them on their way.  Two good days though, fishing is good right now as the rains and cooler temps for a week helped cool our rivers off after a hot and dry May.  Anyway, here are some pics…..

6-25-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Ken Karb, Greensboro, NC, doing a warmwater bass and panfish trip, got out really early, Ken and I were in the water and it was nice and cool….particularly so with last night’s rain coming through and also the cool front that passed over us from the West.  We were reluctant to think a good day would be possible as a front can make things tough sometimes for warmwater fishing, but we were committed and decided to give it a shot regardless.  We had to work for them, but we did pretty good landing about thirty bass and bream and a blue catfish on fly that was three feet long and probably somewhere between 21 and 23 pounds.  It was a beast and gave Ken quite the tussle even on a 7 weight.  After 20 minute plus fight I netted the huge catfish and we unhooked it, admired it for a few seconds, then released it to fight another day.  Great half day, we quit around 11am or so and called it a day.  Fun day with one of my longtime clients…..here are a couple of pics….





6-26-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Gregg Williamson, Greensboro, NC, 2 anglers, TN tailwater float, very early start with Gregg and Elena, we slipped the boat off the trailer into the early morning fog and were off.  Our first half of the day was a high water float throwing the big stuff….we put about 15 fish in the boat but some good ones, several others that gave us a shot, and ended the first half of our day with a 10lb carp.  We took out just before lunchtime then had a nice shore lunch in the shade before heading to another stretch to see if we could get in on some dry fly action.  We found lots, ended up catching probably 3 dozen more fish or more on dries, it was great.  Warm, sunny, very nice day on the river.  Here are some pics of our day….














































































































































6-27-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Rick Allen, Archdale, NC, TN tailwater float, we opted for a later start and fish later, and we had decent fishing right from the start when we put in at 11.  We caught fish on a variety of wets and nymphs to start using a couple of different rigs.   By 130 or 2pm we had a steady parade of bugs coming and the fish began to rise in earnest.  A few risers, then several risers, then what appeared to be the majority of the fish in the area were rising.  We switched off to dries and caught a bunch….as we would for the next several hours.  About 430pm we noticed two things, there water starting to drop (unannounced) and a big storm brewing.  We got the storm, and enough rain I had to bilge the water out of the boat twice.  It was 6pm before the TVA turned on again providing us enough water to get to our takeout.  Meanwhile Rick caught several more fish, and the last mile of the float we chucked streamers and he caught 3 fish doing that, first ever for him throwing the heavy stuff, sinking line, and big flies.  It was great, bunch of fish caught, probably 3 dozen or so on dries alone.  Great fishing continues, and it will stay this way for months to come.  Here are some pics….

6-29-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ben & Anita Greenland, Greensboro, NC, TN tailwater 1/2 day wade trip….met Ben and Anita near the river and we got into the water around 1130am.  TVA gave us low water schedule with one pulse in the morning, and didn’t turn on the water til 4pm, so we wade fished.  A good many people fishing but plenty of room and plenty of fish.  We have had so many foul weather weekends with blown out conditions, and TVA has released so much water all year not much wade fishing really this whole year.  But today was different.  We got in, I rigged them up , and we were into some fish within a couple minutes.  Anita scored first, a nice rainbow, then followed with several more many of which were browns.  We wade fished a long stretch then Ben got into some……both were fishing a triple D rig……Dry/dropper/dropper , or rather, a dry dropper rig with two nymphs rather than one.  That rig gets it done, and today it did just that.  By the end of our trip, both Ben and Anita, first time fly fishers had landed quite a few fish, a good mix of rainbows and browns.  Probably 20 fish landed in 4 hours, many others hooked that came off , broke off, or missed.  Good day…..man it was hot…..91F and humid (90%)…..but hey its summer.  That ‘s normal.  Here are a few pics….

7-1-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ryan Sexton, Mathews, NC, TN wade/float trip, met Ryan late morning and we did some wade fishing and had a decent morning…we didn’t catch a huge number of fish but the ones we caught were good ones……four fish and two of them were in the 22-24″ range……both browns, and one rainbow 17-18″, and had on several others that were hooked but came off….two of those like the larger fish we landed.  First fish we hooked was the largest of the day….a very large brown.  We fished til after midday and then did an afternoon til dusk float and got on some rising fish.  It took a while to get on some risers but when it came it was great, we landed a ton of fish (several dozen) on dries up to 17″.  Good day, hot, sunny, and a few threatening clouds but no rain.  Here are some pics…..

7-2-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Nick Sweitzer, Lexington, NC, Dale Collins, Sylva, NC, Nick is a longtime customer from Lexington, NC, and Dale owns Tuckasegee Fly Shop (www.tuckflyshop.com) met up with Nick and Dale early and we did some low water fishing from the boat to start….it was very warm, bright sun, flat clear conditions….good for sightfishing….and we did ok landing about a dozen or so with Dale getting the best fish of about 16″…..a nice brown.  We had a good many takes that missed or fish on briefly that came unbuttoned.  We fished til around 1pm and had lunch streamside.  We then did some wade fishing and caught some midge eaters on low water, probably 8 or 10 fish, and had a massive thunderstorm with some of the most vivid and sharp cloud to ground lightning strikes roll in…..one of the worst I’ve witnessed in some time.  We waited it out and then went upriver and put in to catch the sulphur hatch.  It didn’t take long to get rolling on it, before long flies were pouring off and the guys had plenty of rising fish to cast to.  We did pretty well boating several dozen fish on dries.  Dale caught a couple of streamer fish too as icing on the cake.  Great day though with variety, such is the summer tailwater game.  Here are a few pics….

7-5-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ryan Sexton, Mathews, NC, met Ryan mid morning and we decided to do some low water sightfishing for a few hours and had a blast.  Went to one of my favorite flats, which was covered up with fish, and we began tossing dry/dropper setups to those guys….. Ryan did well, we would post up, we’d spot a good fish, then fish one on one to that fish.  One reach cast, no false casting, quick soft mend, follow, see the eat, set the hook.  We did that a lot over the course of the next few hours……with the same result.  A nice wild brown in the net. About a dozen of them.  The type of thing where one fish in this water equals 10 or 12 in a riffle or somewhere else.   Low water morning sightfishing in skinny, flat water with long leaders….light tippet , and tiny flies….. a bounty to be reaped if you approach it right…..such is the stuff of summer tailwater fishing on low water in the mornings.  It was great……and can’t get enough of it quite honestly.  The creme de la creme of fly fishing, the technical of the technical, the ultimate sport in fly fishing for wild browns if you can pull it off.  We pulled it off a lot, it was great, and a blast.  Did I mention the terrestrial bite is getting good too?  That’s an option as well for those wanting to do that.  That’s probably my true favorite summer fishing of all.  Around 130pm we hopped out and headed off for an afternoon float…. we had a great afternoon of fishing to rising fish and also swinging soft hackles….it was great and Ryan put probably 3 dozen fish in the boat on dries.  Dodged several threatening clouds……no storms….. great day, always great to get a few days with Ryan in summer when he is here vacationing with his family.  Here are a few pics…..

7-9-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Lynn Roloff, Greensboro, NC,met Lynn mid morning and we did a half day wade and half day float trip…..had good fishing early doing some of my favorite stuff…stalking and sightfishing fish on flats with long leaders light tippet and tiny flies…. it was good as Lynn put several really nice browns in the net…we spent a few hours doing that and also here and there picked off some fish on terrestrials as well.  That was good too….. a couple really nice fish on beetles.  Almost a dozen nice fish in flat, slow, skinny ultra clear water.   We had a brief thundershower and then had a quick shore lunch and headed off for an afternoon float.  We ended up with a terrific sulphur hatch, normal stuff for this time of year where we were fishing.  Ended up whacking a bunch of fish on dry flies, several dozen browns and rainbows on dries.  Been working on a ton of new fly patterns…it takes a lot for a new fly to earn a spot in the guide box but several are making the cuts.  Great stuff ahead.  Great day for sure, we dodged storms today but increasing chances for them as the week goes on.  Here are some pics of our day….

7-10-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, David Horky, Greensboro, NC, David and I did what we have done all week, 1/2 day wade and half day float.  We spent first half of our day sightfishing with dry/dropper rigs and David did well, we put probably between two dozen and 30 fish in the net , including some real quality browns…..on flat , slick, slow, skinny water.  Fishing has been on fire this week and David was willing as all my clients have been to be flexible and do a lot of different stuff.  We caught em on dry droppers, beetles, then dries…. it was great.  We stalked some bank fish with terrestrials which is also one of my favorite things.  We had a quick lunch streamside then did a half day afternoon til dusk float on high/falling water and got into some excellent dry fly action….tons of sulphurs coming off and plenty of rising fish.  Put another two dozen to 30 or so in the net.  We ended the day in a 45 minute downpour that put several inches of water in the boat that I had to bilge or pump out.  Fortunately it quit and we were out of the water by dark.  Great day, David did a great job.  Here are some pics…

7-11-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC,after the rain of yesterday the river was a little dingy but the morning fishing was excellent…..caught a ton of fish on dry /dropper rigs and larger terrestrial patterns….nice browns and rainbows up to 17-18″.   Had several threatening cloud build ups and some light to moderate rain showers pretty much on and off until heavier rain arrived around 2pm .  We put in on rising water had rising fish almost right away.  We fished quickly from run to run and spot to spot as well as fishing on the move.  We caught some really good fish, all our fish on dries….and ended up with several dozen fish on dries.  We ended up posting up at the end of our float and chucking streamers a bit and caught another half dozen fish doing that.  A great day and we dodged a bullet missing most of the heaviest rain that went north and south of us.  A half inch of rain instead of the couple of inches that was in the potential.  Great day, fishing has been phenomenal and that will likely continue.  Have some openings next week….expect this fishing to continue….time to get in on it if you are interested.  Here are some pics of our day….


7-12-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Bob Stanford, Greensboro, NC, Great end to a great week, met Bob midmorning and we floated two short but very different pieces of water.  The morning float we did on low water and got into some midge fishing followed by a pretty good sulphur flurry that lasted a couple of hours.  Bob put some fine rainbows in the boat, probably 3 dozen of them.  We caught many on slick, flat, slow water on dries….the kind of technical stuff I love and can never get enough of.  When the hatch waned a little we went to a dry /dropper rig and hammered them again.  We ended up having lunch in the boat and then for the afternoon and evening floated afternoon high water and caught a bunch more on dries.  Probably 50 to 60 fish day, it was great.  Afternoon float was a good mix of browns and rainbows.  Having been testing out a lot of new dry fly patterns, and they did quite well.  Here are some pics…

7-16-2019 FISHING REPORT – unavailable, doing some regular quarterly website and shopping cart maintenance plus finalizing our Wyoming trip stuff for August, organizing gear, hundreds of flies, taking care of some final pre trip arrangements……

7-17 THROUGH 7-21-2019 FISHING REPORT – unavailable

7-22-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Bob Stanford, John Rutledge, Greensboro, NC, TN South Holston

7-23-2019 FISHING REPORT – open/available

7-24-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike Workman, Nick Sweitzer, Thomasville, NC , TN tailwaters

7-25-2019 FISHING REPORT – Open/available

7-26-2019 FISHING REPORT – Open/available

7-27-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Laina Olinger group, 6 anglers

7-29-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Rick Allen, Archdale, NC


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