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Fishing Reports

  •   This is the most popular page of our site, it is a Fishing Reports page with the conditions we found, the fishing we had, and includes a summary of the action plus any photographs we take on the trip. Perhaps the most popular page on our site with tons of clicks daily it is a resource and a place to feature the most important part of our business – -you the customer.


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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


  August, Sept 2019  FISHING REPORTS

8-1-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Clark Cox, Charlotte, NC, TN float trip, met Clark near the river and it looks like heat and humidity returns…..man it was hot, but the cool breeze blowing off 50 degree water gave us the occasional puff of chilly air for relief.  Fishing was good though, nothing new there.  We did well, full generation flow, caught some fish nymphing and on dry dropper rigs .  We caught a mix of browns and rainbows…. we got into some risers mid afternoon and caught a good many fish on dries, then the rain came.  Fishing can be really good both in the rain and after a rain this time of year and that is exactly the way it was…normal stuff.  We had lots of rising fish and caught a good many on dry flies.  The rain lasted about an hour and after that we got partly cloudy conditions and very humid/foggy.  Continued to catch fish on dries all the way til probably 7pm or so, some nicer browns, we then switched to a wet fly rig and caught a bunch of fish on that too, all browns.  We had a pretty bad line of storms working toward us….we switched to a streamer rig for the last half mile and caught a couple of fish on the streamer ….so with that we caught fish nymphing, dry/dropper rigs, dries, wet flies, and streamers……all in the same float.  Pretty sweet….probably between three and four dozen fish in the boat so it was a great day.  Here are some pics….

8-2-2019 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Scott Henegar, Greensboro, NC, did a float trip with Scott and his coworker/friend Sam.  It was Sam’s first time fly fishing and he did very well.  We met midday and posted up early on several places so we could work with Sam on his casting.  He had his first fish within 5 casts, a nice rainbow.  He soon caught a second, and a third.  He ended up catching a bunch on the first few places we anchored.  Scott caught several as well…..we caught all our early fish on long dry /dropper rigs….large floating dry fly with a tungsten nymph below with a midge pattern or small PT dropped of the anchor tungsten nymph.  Works like a charm for high water and worked great today.  We caught a few more and it was soon lunchtime.  With a threatening storm coming up we pulled over and had a quick lunch streamside.  Then hopped back in and got into some rising fish with Scott nailing several nice fish.  I showed Sam how to swing soft hackles and soon he was into fish doing that.  Caught a bunch doing that and so did Scott but Scott’s were on dries.  We fished our way down with Scott fishing dries and Sam doing soft hackles.  It was great, we caught fish here and there all the way to take out.  Had one downpour but narrowly missed a big storm twice.  Between 40 and 50 fish landed today , another great summer day of fishing.  Here are some pics….


8-5 through 8-26-2019 FISHING REPORT – departing for Wyoming doing trips for the month returning end of last week in Aug, you can follow our fishing out West both here on this page and by clicking here or clicking the link below .  I’ll be posting stuff both here and there , should be a fun time.

JWFF Fishing Report real time on the water

Some sneak peek pics from past days in WY, weather has been warm, cool, wet, dry, clear, stormy, windy, calm…. covered a lot of terrain and also had some great food, a little fishing, some photography, its been great…..as my guys arrive today, Thursday.  Here are some pics…..  saw a sow Grizz and a cub….local folks have named her “Felicia” and she is huge.  I got to within about 150 feet of her to get a pic and video from a high bank but figured that is as close as I need get.  Quick shots and outta there, that is what I did.  She just happened to be in an area I fish a lot , next to a cutthroat stream I love.  Guess I’ll go elsewhere…lol.  Here are a few pics…

8-8-2019 FISHING REPORT – more storms rolled in yesterday in the high desert and plan A produced a nice brown before I left the water to avoid the storm.  Then Plan B the water was very off color so I went to plan C which was fishing a small high desert trib to the Wind after obtaining permission from the lady whose house I am leasing and from several adjacent landowners near the drainage canal.  Not an easy thing here as folks are real touchy/serious about private land and getting on it…. you are essentially a cattle rustler….haha. But any way, I was granted a pass for this once, just myself, and I had high hopes but those grew dim with the water rising steadily.  Not the easiest wading either but it turned out to be a great day.  I did what I do at home when faced with these conditions….put on a small sink tip, put just a foot or two of heavy tippet on, and pic a streamer.  The olive skinny that has smoked the fish on the tailwaters and streams at home worked like a charm.  When I’d turn a fish with it but they would not eat, I went to the local favorite the JJ Special.  Caught a ton of fish on both…..browns and cutthroats both.  Had a very large brown on that ate the fly at very close range, it was on for several seconds and came up on top and did an alligator roll and twist and was off.  A 20 plus fish for sure, a bright yellow hook jawed male.  The hole after that broke off a 20″ plus cuttie twitching an Olive skinny in a deep undercut ,…the fish bolted out from cover, mangled the streamer, was hooked for about 2 seconds and did the classic underwater alligator twist then bolted for cover and to my surprise broke off.  A heavy 20 Plus fish…..and it broke 2X leader material.  Go figure.  Every other hole or run yielded multiple fish, and some quality browns as well as a lot of cutthroats.  It was great fun…..and I got off the water as a heavy rain was starting.  Great day though…..sometimes Plan C turns out as good as plan A.  After today my posts will probably be on the fishing reports real time page  here .Here are a few pics…..

JWFF Fishing Report real time on the water

8-17-2019  FISHING REPORT –  Absolutely fabulous dry fly fishing all week, after several stormy days we had great weather and lots of rising fish up to 24″.  We fished about 10 different waters and did well on most everyone.  Ted Linczak, Pat McDaid, and Rick Allen joined me this week for our first hosted trip and a great time.  Getting ready to host 3 more folks for the next week looking forward to the week ahead.  Fishing has been great with some fantastic cutthroats, browns, rainbows, and brook trout…..the grand slam.  Chubbies, Hippie Stompers, Para Hoppers, Adams Paras, Yellow Stimis, Holo Humpies, Jeff’s Ant, …..they have all produced some great fish.   Have been off the grid so much, some days as far as 40-50 miles into the backcountry.  We have taken some long, arduous hikes to get to some remote waters …..here is a pic with more to come as soon as I can get some time to load pics….