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Customer Testimonials….

“Jeff, Thanks for a wonderful day that exceeded all our expectations.  We came home so excited, all agreeing that we learned more in the first hour than we had in all our time with other guides.  The netted fish, your easy way of being, and your patience and care were very much appreciated.  Lunch was great too!  Thanks again…..Melissa Malone, Greensboro, NC, Nan Henson , Teresa Hoyt , Atlanta, GA, on a March 31, 2012 NC Trip

Thank you again for 2 super, glorious days of fishing 🎣   You are a true professional guide, in every sense of the word.   You were a gracious, patient, attentive, and most accommodating host. Plus you taught me a lot.
I would highly recommend you and your services to anyone.  All the best, Kevin O’Connor , Charlottesville, VA, on his two day trip at Dunlap Creek private water and day two South Holston float trip May 12- 13, 2017


 May / June  2018  FISHING REPORTS

5-14-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, Bob Schwirzke, Fayetteville, NC, TN tailwaters, day one we had extremely hot temps, 91F, 1240 flow and caught fish nymphing to start then got on some fish eating caddis so we switched over and caught several nice fish on dries.  About a third of the way into the float we got into sulphurs and had a pretty good flurry of fishing with dries putting a bunch of nice, buttery browns in the boat.  We found more of the same further down river as we went and we also caught a bunch of fish swinging soft hackles, rainbows and browns to 16″.  Lots of cookie cutter fish…..but it was a lot.  There were a smattering of caddis downriver as well, and a mix of both sulphur duns and spinners all the way to take out.  Good day though, and a ton of fish caught, probably somewhere in the neighborhood of 5 dozen or so……long day but great fishing, we finished up at dusk.  Here are a few pics…..


5-15-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, Bob Schwirzke, Fayetteville, NC, TN tailwaters, day two of two day trip was hot and humid to start, with threat of rain and storms latter half of the day.  A repeat of yesterday, fishing still great.  A lot of fish in the boat, same as yesterday, and we had some good dry fly fishing in spells.  Narrowly missed a heavy storm as we hurried to take out as it had begun to rain, and was getting dark, and we got to the ramp before the approaching storm arrived.  Good day though, here are a few pics….



5-18-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Michael Mills, Alabama, NC mtns , ppd blow out rains, very wet several inches of rain have fallen (3 to 4″ with locally higher amounts) and things are pretty wet.  This showery tropical stuff should end Saturday and then we’ll transition to mostly afternoon daytime heating popcorn chance here and there thunderstorms in afternoon and evening….typical summer stuff.  Real wet though….real wet.

5-19-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Michael Mills, Alabama, NC mtns, ppd blow out rains, more rain forecast, ton of rain, flooding ppd again b/c of blow out conditions

5-20-Thru 5-24-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Joe Craig Group, 8 Anglers, Locke Clifford, Joe Craig, Tom Ross, Allen Peterson, Ron Davis, Bill Leinster, Ed Wilson…..we started the trip on the cusp of some really heavy rains areawide on Sunday and Sunday evening.  It was about as heavy a rain as I have seen in a long time, both tailwaters muddied up except for the extreme upper reaches, and the lower reaches were real muddy.  The water flow equivalent to a full release plus runoff which equaled a much higher than high muddy mess.  Normally you can go upstream and float both waters but this is a guys group and has always been a wading trip since they enjoy wade fishing.  Not workable or doable under the conditions we had.  There are though a lot of small waters around in NC, TN, VA that can be reached in minutes so we did a little of that…..we’ve had rain pretty much everyday and some days a lot of it.  To the point of fishing a few hours in one area, getting run off by heavy rain and storms, and going to another spot.  Rinse, repeat.  Same thing.  We did catch a fair number of fish though where we have been….just one of those every once in a while periods when we get a really wet pattern going.  When you get heavy rains it pretty much stocks up the ground with ammo (water) and when you turn up the heat with daytime heating of the atmosphere sometime around midday to 2pm you get heavy thunderstorms.  That is where we find ourselves right now.  Three days into trip and two days to go.  Here are some pics of creek fishing in TN and spring creek fishing in VA on a small private spring creek….


We are in a wet pattern, and probably not going to change over the next few days.  Its been real wet, Thursday and Friday we have a front passing through that will cool us down a few degrees and stabilize the atmosphere a little but the same Bermuda high and tropical flow that has been in place the past week will creep northward returning the same wet, sticky, thunderstormy downpour weather we’ve had the past few days.

5-23-2018 FISHING REPORT – client Joe Craig and I did some more spring creek time in Smyth Co Va and got in on some Green drake action (Litobrancha recurvata)….fishing size 6 and 8 dry flies and put several quality browns and brookies up to and over 20″ in the net.  Small streams are clearing up finally, so are the tailwaters but still they are blowing some big water.  That will change soon, hopefully we can get in a few dry days as looks like more wet weather on the way.  Below (first) is a shot of best fish of the day, a stud of a brown well over 20″ who ate a #6 Green drake dry fly……and several others…

5-26-2018 FISHING REPORT– Guided Trip, Tony & Joseph Pugh, Asheboro, NC, ppd/rescheduled

5-27-2018 through 5-31-2018 FISHING REPORT – my wife Kathy , son Ben and I taking a much needed short vacation trip, we had to deal with low water, high water, heavy rains, some incredible downpours, a muddy river, some what muddy river, a half muddy river, dingy river, you name it.  Through some miracle the Lord provided some fishing, and in fact we had two days of the best dry fly fishing on low flow I have done in I can’t remember when.  We had a 6 to 7 hour sulphur hatch on one of the days and it occurred in a day filled with one downpour after another.  I honestly can’t remember a May this wet, though last year was close.  This happens every year to some extent, either its March, April, May, June or July, this is normal stuff here where we live.  Its not global warming, climate change or any nonsense like that, its the way it is here.  Our mountains are a rainforest…..a high elevation rainforests.  What did we do?  Deal with it.  Played the cards we were dealt.  About 225 to 250 fish over 3 days of fishing, and one day of dry fly fishing of about 140 fish.  The best day my son Ben and I had probably 25 doubles, when we each had a fish on at the same time.  We caught some fantastic browns, and some big rainbows, several studs in the 22 to 26″ range.  Much of it was with no other anglers around, no one in sight, no boats , no wade fishermen , just us.  For those not willing to play the fair weather fisherman only card there is often a bounty to be reaped and excellent fishing to be had, you just have to be willing to play the hand you are dealt.  That’s what we did, and we were handsomely rewarded.  That’s why we don’t cancel trips just because its going to rain, why we often don’t call off trips days in advance or a week ahead of time or a month ahead of time…. because sometimes you’ll miss out if you do that.  We fished the 395 sluice flow and finally the heavy rains caught up, as the TVA deemed on late Tuesday it was time to turn up the flow to 2400 and get rid of some water in the reservoir.  Its up, but not as bad as you think.  In next week things will calm down and they’ll knock the flow down again.  I get a lot of calls of folks wanting to cancel a week out or a month out and believe me, often it is a mistake.  These photos show why……oh and we had some great food as well…









6-1-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, David Carter, Greensboro, NC, 3 anglers, NC Mtns, ppd blown out conditions, mtns got another 2 to 3 ” of rain in places yesterday and high water continues.  Weather pattern is supposed to hold through Saturday and Sunday a cold front comes through giving us some cooler drier weather….something we haven’t had in a very long time.

6-2-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Adam & Anna Norris, Clemmons, NC, New River smallmouth, blown out conditions, the New is toast from top to bottom, will take a few days to a week to begin to calm down

Last round of wet weather coming Sunday with a passing cold front, plus we’ll get a reinforcing shot of cool dry air on Wednesday.  Next week or so looks glorious, dry days with sunshine and low humidity.  That should go along way with bringing the water levels down in a lot of places.

6-4-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip , Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC, glorious day yesterday , the weather was awesome , we did a full day float on the South Holston and put about 40 or so in the boat, a mix of rainbows and browns, and much of it dry fly fishing.  We had high 70s low 80s and bright sunshine all day long, much of it with no clouds in the sky, a rarity for the past month or so.  The hatch came off as it usually does mid afternoon and we spent a good part of the day fishing to risers.  We got a late day surprise around 745pm or so when they reduced the sluice flow to 220cfs and forced us to row closer to takeout and avoid having to hop out of the boat and walk it.  We were still able to get in just as much fishing before that, and still fished to a lot of risers right before the ramp and nailed a couple more fish one being a very nice brown.  Great day, great fishing, here are some pics….



6-5-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ted Linczak, Summerville, SC,TVA reduced flow to 220 and ran it at this level for most of the day, and we did an all day wade trip, caught some toads in the morning, fish up to and over 20″, and landed probably two dozen nice fish including a number of big rainbows and browns.  We took a quick lunch and then headed upriver and caught the sulphur hatch which was really good and produced a lot of rising fish.  Caught a bunch of fish on dries.  Eventually the TVA turned back on , running 815cfs for an hour then back up to 1410.  Made it challenging bouncing around but we stayed in fish and this was one of those days, in my opinion, a better one on foot than in the boat.  Ended up the day down near the lake bed fishing for risers, and caught several really nice fish, there were several 20″ plus inch fish rising to sulphurs and we stuck a few…..stuck several that made a blistering run and broke off in the bottom grass.  There were at least a dozen huge risers in the area where we finished …and had it all to ourselves.  A 50 fish day for sure…..here are some pics…



6-6-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, James Brewer, Asheboro, NC, Dan Rominger, Belews Cr, NC, we did a South Holston float, absolutely unbelievable weather, could not be better, good medicine after a year of horrid weather (horrid weather is terrible great  fishing weather by the way, even all the snow, ice, torrential rains, high water, cold, hot, humid, etc- – in other words its usually us as anglers that object and not the fish).  We had high 70sF , a light breeze, sunny skies and lots of hatching sulphurs.  Blanket hatch, we caught them on dry flies and also swinging emergers and soft hackles.  Caught fish all the way to takeout, good day with two clients and friends, an annual trip we do to honor a mutual friend Darrell Scruggs….who lost his life tragically due to a drunk driver.  Great to spend the day with Dan and James remembering and talking about Darrell…the fish caught on dry flies were just a bonus.  Here are some pics…

6-8-2018 FISHING REPORT – open/available

6-9-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Dr Shanker Polsani, 3 anglers, Winston-Salem, NC, TN tailwaters wade trip, the guys wanted to do a wade trip which is what I did  Shanker, his brother Venkat , and brother in law Anand, we got a really early start in anticipation of it being a nice weather Saturday and a sluice flow of 405.  Client and friend Curtis Reeves came with us but I spent all of my time with the guys as they are just beginning fly fishing.  Curtis hammered them also fishing upriver from us, and did very well nymphing and dry fly fishing.  We had a great hatch , caught a bunch of fish first on dry /dropper rigs with sulphur droppers, then as the hatch got cranked up we switched to dries and pretty well caught them the rest of the day on dries.  It was great, the guys put over 30 in the net , including the day’s best fish, an 18″ brown landed by Shanker, which just beat Anand’s 17 inch brown.  It was a great day….hot as blazes, but the water was great and the fishing was, to put it simply, on fire.  Here are a few pics…






6-11-2018 FISHING REPORT – open/Available

6-12-2018 thru 6-14-2018 Guided Trip, TN tailwaters group trip, Kirk Rucker, Tom Smith, Brown Summit, NC, great three day trip in which we floated the first day and had a phenomenal sulphur hatch and enough dry fly fishing and fish that we lost count.  Fishing was strong all the way to takeout.  On Wednesday we did an 8 mile float and did nothing but chuck meat/streamers and that paid off big, a very good streamer bite including some very nice browns……lot of fish in the 16 to 20″ range.  A ton.  One of the better streamer floats Ive done.  We fished the South Holston , the bottom 8 miles……some incredible browns in the boat.  Then got in on a late evening hatch and spinner fall.  Lots of fish on dries, all the way to dark.  Overnight we got some rain, so we fished a little on Thursday morning, landing several nice rainbows nymphing before calling it a day.  Great three days…here are some pics….

6-15-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Eli & Wes Gormus, VA, Private water wade trip, bright sunny skies and blazing hot, that was the deal on Friday’s trip…..upper 80sF and area wide all waters dropping rapidly ….where we fished (Dunlap Creek) has had above average flows all spring and the last few dry weeks has dropped the water to 61cfs….still a good fishable level but a rapid drop nonetheless.  All that high water, the unfishable stuff of the past few months…..when it comes to our trout waters….its all gone.  Back to usual conditions and Id even say that still with a few days of spring technically left its already mid summer in terms of temps and conditions.  Changes quickly…..  We started really early and wanted to beat the heat, and that would prove to be a good move.  We did really well, catching a bunch of rainbows/toads really up to 22″, and the majority of them on size 20 midge patterns.  It was great, and sight fishing at its best.  See the fish, present the fly, see the fish turn, watch the white mouth open, set the hook.  Did that 25 or so times early on and landed some nice fish, over 2 dozen and then we took a break for lunch.  With low, clear water also comes some dry fly opportunities in the way of terrestrials, and we had some good terrestrial fishing today.  We fished some flatwater sections the rest of the day and had a great ant and beetle bite, plus several more on midge patterns too.  Eli and Wes decided it was time to call it a day around 5pm as they had a long drive back to eastern VA (Chesapeake) but it was a great day, even if it was really hot.  How hot?  88-90F depending upon which weather you listen to.  We drank 8 bottles of water and 12 G2 Gatorades…..if that provides more on how hot it was.  But great fishing still……  Here are some pics….

6-16 through 6-18-2018 FISHING REPORT – unavailable

6-19-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, George Revington, High Point, NC, TN tailwaters, we did a TN wade trip, began in a downpour and ended the day in one, but the time in between was glorious.  Nailed a bunch of fish on dry dropper rigs to start, browns up to 17″, then got into some dry fly fishing and fished dries pretty much rest of the day, which was 6 hrs of non stop dry fly fishing.  Smoked em good, put 40 or so in the net.  Caught several fish in the 16 to 18″ range , all risers, in inches of water.  They were so shallow it was barely enough water to cover their backs.  All browns as well, doesn’t get any better than that.  Big fish, dry flies, sightfishing in water ankle deep ……..one of my very favorite things.  Phenomenal fishing continues…..beginning to sound like a broken record.  Fished 400 cfs flow, which is about as good as it gets .  It rained hard at the start, probably an inch or more…..then a heavy downpour at the end….didn’t take a ton of photos…but here are some pics…

6-20-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Mike Workman, Nick Sweitzer, Thomasville,NC, TN tailwaters, started the day hot and sticky with threat of thunderstorms……which is normal stuff for summer in the mtns but today we were spared the pleasure of getting drenched by a storm.  We got an early start, and were in the water early.  We fished down in the lakebed lower end of the South Holston and caught some really nice fish early, probably 8 or 10….and landed a few bigs and had three large fish on that made hard runs (usually those 20 ” somethings) but came off or broke off.  Had one fish of about 25″ jump 4ft out of the water and make a hard burst downriver over a ledge and breakoff.  But we did land some nice ones, very nice lake run browns.  We then headed up river to get on some rising fish.  We ate a quick lunch at the trailhead and then hiked in 30 minutes to where I thought we’d see a hatch and rising fish.  That is exactly what we found, fish started rising and we started nailing them on dries.  Nick and Mike both nailed several nice fish at the first spot, probably a half dozen or so each, and then we moved upriver to a flat that we frequently hammer the fish in the afternoon on dries.  At 400 flow I thought it could be great as it has all May and June and we were not disappointed.  We hammered rising fish for 4 hours, landing somewhere north of 30/35 fish or so.  Some nice browns in the mix, we would find a riser, dust the fly, cover him, he’d eat the fly, we’d net and release the fish.  I stood by Mike for about an hour and a half and watch him nail every riser he covered.  It was outstanding, as it has been all spring.  Nick caught a bunch as well, both guys netting some fish up to the 14/16″ range.  It was great stuff.  We hiked out at about 530pm and headed downriver to another spot hoping to get in on another rise of fish before dark.  While less than it has been , the spot did produce several fish at the end, both rainbows and browns, and on dries.  We called it a day around 8pm, another 30 minutes and we’d have probably have gotten a spinner fall as has been the case lately where we were.  Great day though, probably 50 fish or so and pretty good to have been in rising fish over half the day.  Here are some pics…

6-22-through 6-24-2018 FISHING REPORT – Coastal trip, will be going offshore to fly fish for cobia, AJs, kings, etc., high winds and heavy rains and heavy seas caused us to rethink going offshore.  Will be rescheduling.  Had scheduled a smallmouth trip as a backup plan and that was thwarted as well because of thunderstorms in the mtns.  Some pictures though from some non fishing stuff….pretty cool…..

6-26-2018 FISHING REPORT – wade and float trip , Ken Okorn Group, PA, Tn tailwaters

6-27-through 7-1-2018 FISHING REPORT – My wife Kathy and I will be away celebrating our anniversary before a very, very busy July and August with lots of small stream fishing, tailwater fishing, smallmouth fishing, and our annual foray in Wyoming.

7-2-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/available

7-3-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ryan Sexton, Matthews, NC, TN tailwaters

7-4-2018 FISHING REPORT – Happy 4th of July!

7-6-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Ryan Sexton, Matthews, NC, TN tailwaters

7-7-2018 FISHING REPORT – Guided Trip, Scott Henegar, Greensboro, NC, VA private water

7-10-2018 FISHING REPORT – Open/available




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