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Great Patterns for Winter 2016-17 Flyfishing

Check out our New and Exciting  Patterns Below…..

Step by Step Recipes for Each Fly

NEW ADDITIONS  Winter 2016-17…..

Tying Jeff’s CDC Baetis Wulff

We are in mid to late Fall 2015, right at the end of our low water dry season of summer and early fall…..and that is a common thing on virtually all our local waters. I have been steadily and busily cranking out my usual suspects for the blue winged olives we’ll encounter for both my guide trips, special orders, and customer orders. Every year I always have a few experiementals in the works, flies that I will design and then…Read More 


Jeffs CDC Funnel EmergerTying Jeff’s CDC Funnel Emerger

We are in mid summer 2013, right in the thick of our half year long sulfur hatch that comes off some of our local tailwater rivers. I have been steadily and busily cranking out my usual suspects for this hatch for both my guide trips, special orders, and customer orders. Every year I always have a few experiementals in the works, flies that I will design and then tweak into what hopefully becomes an effective and useful fly pattern that becomes a regular resident in my guide box. This is one such pattern.

Several things happen over the course of a hatch, not only do anglers get used to seeing the bugs so do the fish. Profiles become more important, a refining of…..Read More


Tying Jeff’s CDC BWO Stubby Emerger

Fall in Appalachia, like most locales, means blue winged olives. Time to have some dark mayfly patterns in the box if you don’t already. These flies are on virtually all trout waters, and it could easily be said that they are the most widespread insect type in fall on trout water here. So it pays to have a few imitations. This fly works well on tailwaters, spring creeks, and small streams alike. Its a good fly when you encounter rising fish and they snub your …..Read More


Split Case NymphTying the Split Case Nymph

This fly is a tailwater favorite but is effective on other waters as well as a general imitation and also as an attractor. It is effective on all trout waters, small streams, DH waters, and tailwaters alike. It was originally designed and tied out in the West for the purpose of imitating PMD hatches. Originally tied by or for Solitude flies and it does a bang up job imitating emerging nymphs. This fly works great for PMDs or BWO’s. Change the body color to a dark olive for BWO’s. It also works well on our Eastern sulphurs, and is tied for the sulphur hatches here so common on many Eastern waters, particularly the Clinch, Smith , and South Holston Rivers. A great…….Read More


zzTying the Jeff’s Black Wire Baetis Nymph – I mentioned in one of the above patterns one of the “Big 3 or 4” patterns…well, this is one of those too.  A small, skinny, slender, dark mayfly pattern.  Why?  The major mayfly that is active in cold and cool weather is a baetis…or “Blue Winged Olive”, some of our smaller mayflies.  You can’t have too many small, dark, skinny nymph patterns in your box.  They are always useful.  Mainly because they can resemble so many things trout eat.  In a size 18 or 20 they can represent a myriad of bugs, small mayflies, stoneflies, midges, you name it.  In the world of flies and trying to find one trout eat, the trait of “looking  a little like a whole lot of stuff but not exactly like anything” is a good trait to have.  This fly is a great one….Read More



zzzTying the Squirminator ( Great DH and All water pattern)

I use a lot of Egg and ‘Egg Type’ flies, one of which is the Y2K. Originally a fly developed in North Georgia mountains, its use and effectiveness are wide spread. It remains one of our deadliest flies for early season/cold weather fishing. One of the best flies for large fish, particularly large rainbows yet devised. This is a variation on that, a hybrid fly, combining a squirmy tai,l like that found on the rubber San Juan worm called a Squirmy Wormy…..Learn More 



zzzzJJ Special

A perennial favorite, and a repost by customer demand/request, and those who know this fly know it well and love it. Its one of our best patterns for bass and brown trout…..and I would rate it among the top 3 subsurface smallmouth patterns I carry. Browns love it too as well as brookies and rainbows, but for whatever reason flies like the JJ Special work well when things start cooling off and brown trout move toward spawning. You’ll see other patterns like Orvis’ TeQueely, and a fly called an “Autumn Splendor”….they are really just variations on…….Learn More







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