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People Helping People

I am compelled to try do something, whatever it can be and as much as possible , for people who are suffering great loss and tragedy as a result of Hurricane Florence.  Lord help us do what we can to help.

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Florence which affected our state with many days of torrential rainfall, hurricane force winds, historic and catastrophic flooding, and storm surge.  It has affected our own family.  Our own son Ben lives in Wilmington and has experienced it first hand.  Fortunately he heeded the evactuation order and rode out the storm with us here.  They sustained major property damage.  Others lost more….like everything.  The flooding from this storm is something that would have to be seen to be believed.  Catastrophic.

One organization that does so much for people when a disaster strikes, from immediate relief efforts serving people with food, water, basic needs to beginning the restoration part of cleaning up and rebuilding…..Samaritan’s Purse …..is incredible.  We will be participating in a number of different relief efforts in the next year associated with helping people get back on their feet.  We have a fundraising page, please help if you wish or if you can.  If not this way please find a way to reach out and help.  This is potentially (likely) the worst natural disaster NC has seen in our lifetime.  Visit our fundraising page here .

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We will also in the coming weeks/months/year be doing other relief stuff to try to raise money to help our fellow North Carolinians recover from this disaster….Check back for updates….


There are so many ways to help.  One place to go to also choose the organization of your choice is CharityNavigatorClick here.