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Smartphone Fly Fishing App

For quite some time  I have been working on the new smartphone app and it is now ready.  The app works on most smartphones including Windows, Blackberry, Droid, Droid X, and iPhone…plus the app can be downloaded to your PC or Mac.  You can have information right at your fingertips and with you wherever you may be.  The current version 1.0 includes the following information, and I personally update this info daily so it is constantly filled with new information….and best of all its a real bargain….its FREE :

On our Fly Fishing App you will find the following:

*Contact Information for JW Fly Fishing & an About Us page

*Fishing Reports – these are real time right from the river, as often I give updates several times a day on conditions, what our fishing is like, weather and water conditions, what is working, and more.  We are the only Guide service that provides info to you anywhere you might be, even on the water.

*Social Media –  Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – you can access all our social media sites from the app.

*Licenses by Phone – on a trip and arrived to find that either your or your friend’s license is expired….?  Simply use the app to access the phone number of the appropriate state, press on it, and you are connected to the license by phone.  All three states NC, TN, VA now have the license by phone service…..imagine having this right at your fingertips and not losing an hour or more of fishing trying to find a place to get a license.  Also, I have included numbers to report violations or poachers….for each state.  This came in handy recently as I reported a poaching case.  I clicked the app button on my phone, clicked this page, and pressed the button to call the NC Wildlife Commission.  I was able to report the crime as it was happening and didn’t have to scramble around looking for a number to call.

*Water Release Information – release info numbers to TVA and VA rivers….valuable info as your fishing day lives and dies by what the release schedule is going to be.

*Book a Trip or Instruction – book a trip, fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying lesson, and more.

*Catches of the Month – a page with photos of this month’s trophy catches…

*Open Dates – our Availability “Calendar’ right on your phone…..wonder if we have a particular day(s) open?  Just open the app, click the open dates, and instantly you can see when there’s availability for lessons, trips, etc.

*Sir Castalot Blog – our main flyfishing blog with stories, information, and more.  Good reading material for travel, flights, and more.  Like having our online ‘magazine’ right in your pocket.

*This Month’s Fly Box – contains a listing of flies that work for the current month and the sizes that are usually effective.  Valuable information if you aren’t sure where to begin or if you want to know what you can use that will work.  Has info on both small streams and Tailwaters.

*New Flies for This Month – great for anglers and fly tyers alike…..I am always ‘cooking’ up new flies so I am constantly experimenting with new materials and techniques in search of that next killer fly pattern.  You can view the five most recent new patterns I have been tying, working on, and fishing.  Real insider info we offer nowhere else…

*Seasonal Insects – if you are into bugs, are an angler /entomologist, a beginning fly angler……and you have been on the stream and captured an insect or perhaps saw an insect on the water the fish were eating…..you can use this page of the app to help indentify what the insect might be.  I will list monthly or post a macro shot of the six most prominent insects for that time of the season.  Imagine being able to catch an insect on the water, pull out your phone and click on insect button, and instantly you have a number of close up shots to compare your insect to.

*Trout Stream Signs – a listing of the actual signs that NC trout streams are posted with, very helpful with general information and also a way to know where you are fishing…..

*Essential Knots – compliments of John Sherry and Pro Knot  I currently have three knots that are a must to know in order to be able to fish, repair leaders, etc.  One is a loop knot allowing you to change out leaders, a tippet knot, and a knot to tie on the fly.  Each knot has a great illustration on how the knot is tied.

We will also be adding other features to the app over time.  You can get the app one of two ways:  1) email me with your request and I will send you an email with the app download link and you can download automatically just by opening the email on your phone and clicking on the link- – – the app will download automatically; 2) you can choose the appropriate link below and click on it, or email/send the link to your phone, or click the link directly from this page.  All the above will open the link and start the download automatically.  Below are the device names and the link is to the right.  Please feel free to contact me by email or call 336-944-3628 if you need help or have any questions.  Thanks!

Click on the link that is appropriate for your device.  The app should then install automatically.  If your smartphone isn’t listed but you have Internet access on your phone, click on the “Mobile Browser URL” link to view the content in your phone’s browser.  The first link you can also install on your PC, like the other links just a couple of clicks and your download will begin…..

JW Fly Fishing App  Download Here

Or Select from these Versions for Specific Phones:

Blackberry           Download

Blackberry 4.5   Download

Blackberry 4.7 (Storm or later models) Download

Windows Phone   Download

Droid /Android   Download


iPhone/Mobile Browser URL     Download


Some of Our Favorite Apps

ORVIS Fly Fishing App     Click Here

TVA Tailwaters & Lake Info App  Click Here

RAINY DAYS Weather Radar  Click here

RIVER FLOWS  Streamflow data  Click here

WEATHERBUG ELITE  Weather   Click here  

I use this one everyday on trips!



Take up to 30 photos per second with the above…a  blazing high speed camera app.

BOOKING .COM   Click here

Make Hotel/Motel reservations online….anywhere

BEST KNOTS – Animated Fishing Knots  click here

AVG Antivirus -Free, Mobile, Zero to safe in 60 seconds, no cost, registration, or hassle  Click here


LIGHTBOX – App that lets you take photos and then edit them or apply special effects like B&W, Sepia, HD, Retro, and more..   Click here

SWISS ARMY KNIFE – the App that is packed with tiny tools…a timer, a stop watch, ruler, level, and more…..   Click here

G Reader-  Get all your news feeds in one place, I use the App when I am on trips    Click here

WE CAMP HERE  – A campsite and RV site locator, find camping spots or campgrounds on the road.  Great reviews on this one  :  Android Version          iPhone


VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries APP

Hats off to the VA DGIF for this great app, get all the important information you need in the field with regard to hunting and fishing info.  Has info about hunting and fishing regs, access areas, lake and river accesses and ramps, stocking info, license info and regulations digest , and a way to purchase licenses for VA hunting and fishing.  Its FREE and :

  • getting the latest news from VDGIF;
  • looking up hunting regulations, seasons, and bag limits while in the field;
  • viewing freshwater fishing regulations and state record fish;
  • identifying the fish you just caught;
  • getting the sunrise and sunset times for your location;
  • recording your trophy harvests;
  • finding nearby boat ramps, Wildlife Management Areas, and lakes;
  • and more!



You can access the APP below by going to the iTunes /Apple Appstore and or Google Play for Android Market:


ORVIS Fly Fishing App  Click here

This app is a favorite as I am huge fan of Tom Rosenbauer and with the app you get regular podcasts by Tom that come straight to your device or phone.  Great Stuff indeed.


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